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About us

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TKT cleaning service companies having customer’s trust have made hundreds sanitation buildings, office buildings, business parks, factories, hospitals, schools, apartment, apartment households, villas, houses … of vietnam and foreign partners. You will notice our reputable, cleaning quality and best service, best price and most accurate response to your needs. This helps you completely relaxed, trusting to focus on core business activities as your work environment  is taken care of by the experts sanitation.

V.T.T CEO TKT Company

V.T.THanh – Director


Total Cleaning Service, Manager



Daily Cleaning Service, Manager



Maid Service, Manager



TKT Trading, Manager


Sales-Marketing, Manager



Finance - Accouting, Manager



Customer Care, Manager



Human Resource, Manager


Our mission

Bring to the work environment, the best living environment for our customers with the comprehensive cleaning services high quality, professional reputation, with the lowest cost to customer success assured to work and take enjoy life.

We constantly strive towards the leading position in the field of cleaning criteria:

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Professional, Reliable
  • Lowest Cost