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Cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City

Cleaning service of TKT: Comprehensive – Professional – Best price and constantly improved to bring customers more benefits.

You are looking for partner companies of cleaning services related to: General cleaning, House and Office cleaning, periodic cleaning, daily cleaners?

TKT Cleaning, strong experience with our highlight projects:

  • Corporations, big companies in Vietnam: Agribank, Techcombank, Mbbank, Masan Group Corporation, Saigon Port, Vietnam News Agency …
  • Foreign companies: Japanese companies (Rohto, Nitto Denko, Tokyo Delie …), the U.S. (Johnson and Johnson …), Korea (Tous Les Jours, Yajkin Intertex), Taiwan (Packson Flemington …)…
  • And thousands of villas, apartments, condominiums … in Ho Chi minh

TKT Cleaning strongly wants to work and become a partner of our customers.

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Commercial, Industrial Cleaning service

Image: Commercial, Industrial Cleaning service – TKT Cleaning

1. About TKT cleaning service

Today with the urbanization in Vietnam, with the advent of more and more buildings, office buildings, business parks, supermarkets, apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, airports, parks , schools, hospitals … sanitation services has become a professional career, that one is called the “industrial”, a foreign language is often referred to as “cleaning service” or “industrial cleaning service.”

Industrial hygiene services often have two forms:

  • General Cleaning: General cleaning after construction work or cleaning work is of use, including cleaning from top to bottom, inside and out buildings (including cleaning glass, alu, aluminum, spokes aluminum, logo, exterior signage … works) or interior cleaning (carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, floor polishing stone, floor looms …). The purpose of the comprehensive cleaning, bring freshness to the original works.
  • Periodic cleaning: cleaning staff provided daily to daily hygiene items or entire projects. The purpose of maintaining the status clean, luxurious works.

There are many cleaning companies have the ability to provide good and sufficient service of both forms mentioned above. TKT is one of the few companies providing cleaning services both general and routine.

… also special benefits from TKT Cleaning customers.

The strong and quick development of TKT’s Trading and experience providing equipment, chemical cleaning industry for many projects and foreign partners, we offer comprehensive solutions to further the best cost for the customer Customers include:

  • Providing integrated services professional cleaning.
  • Provide daily housekeeping staff are well trained.
  • Provides industrial cleaning equipment: cleaning machine, cleaning tools with unbeatable prices.
  • Providing sanitation chemicals most effective, environmentally friendly.

Not only in providing comprehensive services, competitive prices and professional service attitude, reputation, TKT Cleaning service constantly strive to improve and innovate, giving our customers excellent service more and better prices.

2. Quotation of TKT cleaning services

2.1. Quotations of general cleaning service:

No. Service Unit Price/unit VND
01 General cleaning for House and Office m2 6.000 - 20.000
02 Out-side glass cleaning m2 8.000 - 20.000
03 Inside glass cleaning m2 6.000 - 10.000
04 Floor scrubbering and cleaning m2 3.000 - 17.000
05 Marble stone Polishing m2 150.000 - 200.000
06 Granite stone polishing m2 200.000 - 300.000
07 Chinese ceramic sealing m2 25.000 - 50.000
08 Concrete floor sealing, vinyl sealing m2 30.000 - 80.000
09 Washed stone floor sealing m2 50.000 - 120.000
10 Carpet cleaning m2 7.000 - 20.000
11 Office chair cleaning Piece 8.000 - 30.000
12 Sofa Cleaning Set 300.000 - 600.000
13 Curtain cleaning kg 35.000 - 40.000

* This is a quick quotation, can change after actual survey of our Supervisor. Please call for the best price.
**We are always available to provide information and explain any questions about the quote customers.

2.2. Quotation hourly and daily cleaner service:

TKT Cleaning is a leading cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh city to provide daily and hourly cleaner service. For detail please contact us.

Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018

Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018

2.3. Quotations of cleaning equipment and chemicals:

  • Quotations of industrial hygiene equipment
  • Quotations of industrial cleaning chemicals

Residential – Commercial cleaning services of TKT are looking forward to become a partner of our customers


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Option 2: Email us: info@tktg.vn

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