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Office cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City

Office Cleaning Service: Comprehensive – Professional – Flexible – Best price and a commit continuously to improve and to bring customers more benefits.

Are you looking for a company that offers professional & prestigious office cleaning services with a best price?

TKT Cleaning, we have long term and strong experience in office cleaning service, our projects:

  • Corporations, big companies in Vietnam: Agribank, Techcombank, Mbbank, Masan Group Corporation building, Saigon Port Building, Vietnam News Agency …
  • The global companies from Japanese (Rohto, Nitto Denko, Tokyo Delie …), the U.S. (Johnson and Johnson …), Korea (Tous Les Jours, Yajkin Intertex), Taiwan (Packson Flemington …) …

TKT Cleaning are looking forward to become a partner of your company in providing office cleaning services.

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commercial, office cleaning service

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1. About our office cleaning service

TKT, We offer office cleaning service including:

  • General office cleaning for the new building.
  • General office cleaning service for the important occasion of your company, such as opening new offices, welcome important partners, the company’s birthday, celebrate the big day, overall office hygiene Tet, the meeting shareholders and the courts can strike any company quarterly and annual …
  • Office furniture cleaning service: office carpet cleaning services, cleaning services office chair, sofa, staff chair, manager chair, laundry service office curtains, polished stone flooring services, service scrubbing floors, washing the floor beat.
  • Cleaning glass facade office high-rise buildings.
  • Provide daily or hourly office cleaner.

Why chose us?

  • We provide a comprehensive service for office cleaning including: cleaning service; equipments, machines and detergents providing, office cleaner to fullfill the hardest requirements from customer’s requirements. With comprehensive services TKT, customers save time and costs, not to work with many companies offering various services.
  • We help our customer to choose the best cleaning services suitable for their office and company. Our customer benefits are also our interests.
  • We provide professional and prestigious services, and constantly improved to bring customers more benefits.
  • Our Trading deparment is the official distributor of the manufacturer of industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning chemicals in the world’s top Italian, U.S., UK, Switzerland, Thailand: Fiorentini, Hiclean, Viper, NUMATIC, Wetrok, IMEC, NCL … Therefore, we will provide our customers the best equipments with best price that help them to reduce cost.
  • We are proud to provide very flexible service of hourly and daily office cleaning services with the top quality in the HCM city.

2. Office cleaning service quotation

2.1. Quotations of general office cleaning service

We would like to show quotes of office cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong

No. Service Unit Price/unit VND
01 General cleaning for House and Office m2 6.000 - 20.000
02 Out-side glass cleaning m2 8.000 - 20.000
03 Inside glass cleaning m2 6.000 - 10.000
04 Floor scrubbering and cleaning m2 3.000 - 17.000
05 Marble stone Polishing m2 150.000 - 200.000
06 Granite stone polishing m2 200.000 - 300.000
07 Chinese ceramic sealing m2 25.000 - 50.000
08 Concrete floor sealing, vinyl sealing m2 30.000 - 80.000
09 Washed stone floor sealing m2 50.000 - 120.000
10 Carpet cleaning m2 7.000 - 20.000
11 Office chair cleaning Piece 8.000 - 30.000
12 Sofa Cleaning Set 300.000 - 600.000
13 Curtain cleaning kg 35.000 - 40.000

* This is a quick quotation, can change after actual survey of our Supervisor. Please call for the best price.
**We are always available to provide information and explain any questions about the quote customers.

2.2. Quotations of hourly and daily office cleaning service

To provide a cleaning service is really flexible, suitable for small and medium offices, we are pleased to offer a quotation service hourly, daily.

Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018

Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018

TKT’s Cleaning Services Office is looking forward to become a partner of your company


Thank you for your interest in our product and service. Please contact us as the following ways:

Option 1: Call our hotline, landing phone 028.66.830.930 or
Option 2: Email us: info@tktg.vn

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