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School Cleaning Service

Schools are where parents send their children to learn, cultivate knowledge and ethics. Therefore, the clean and safe environment of the school is one of the biggest concerns of the students, the parents, the school and the society.

1. Importance of school cleaning services

Cleaning services will create a good impression, clean learning environment, disease safety for schools:

The initial impression of school:

Parents can evaluate schools very quickly through its clean appearance, which is the first and most recognizable criterion for choosing schools for their children. Because their children spend most of their time in school, studying and interacting with their friends.

The best learning environment

A clean environment is an important condition for the health and academic development of students. Dusty cluttered tables, dirty floors, damp-smelling classrooms, or unhygienic toilets can distract student learning and teaching from the teacher.

Get rid of the germs from school

With a very crowded environment, shared facilities (desks, chairs, door handles, toys, computers, etc.), and continuous interaction, the school is very convenient for Pathogens live, spread, and spread. Professional school cleaning services will have daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly sterilization programs that are appropriate for killing germs and protecting students.

2. Introduce professional cleaning services for school

TKT Cleaning Service Company with nearly 10 years in the cleaning field understands the importance, and has the best knowledge and equipment on school sanitation. Our difference from other sanitation services or self-employment of these schools is that:

  • Cleaning staff are trained to improve school sanitation knowledge.
  • Spend special attention when cleaning tables, chairs, deodorant rooms and toilets
  • Regularly disinfect the place of frequent contact to kill bacteria, virus causing disease
  • Spray periodic disinfection of space in the classroom to kill and prevent disease

TKT strives every day to create the best school cleaning service that meets the most varied different school models:

  • For public schools (government schools): We understand that budgeting is extremely important. It is impossible to improve hygiene and reduce costs at the same time. But renting outside school cleaning services can be a solution for your school. TKT will advise you on a clean and efficient cleaning plan that will help reduce the cost.
  • For private schools, international schools …: a growing competition in the education industry. The appearance, appearance and learning environment at school are one of the determinants of choice for students and parents. With TKT, believe that we always achieve all the hygiene that you desire.
  • For the university: large area with complex items requires higher requirements on the number of staff and equipment. At TKT we have all the equipment to meet the requirements of the school from scrubbing floors, cleaning glass on elevators, elevators, carpet cleaning … All we do with the standard of public hygiene. Highest career.
  • For kindergartens, preschools: kids play, interact with each other in a relatively small and close environment. Therefore, this is an environment that leads to the outbreak of infectious diseases. The sterilization of toys, furniture, utensils is very important. TKT understands this and has proper sterilization procedures. Furthermore, we use only “green” disinfectants that are harmless to infants, not corrosive, or bleached.

When using a service may be the first thing you pay attention to the price issue. But the best way is to give us the opportunity to hear your requests in a face-to-face meeting so that we can give you the best advice and quotation for your school. Do not hesitate, please contact our school cleaning service.

Professional TKT school cleaning company is looking forward to become a close partner of customers.

Please refer to the process of cleaning office carpet in the following video:


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School Cleaning Service
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