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Sofa and upholstery cleaning service

The best sofa and upholstery cleaning service in Ho chi Minh City: unique technology of killing bactericidal 99.9% Process Standards Modern Equipment Advanced Chemicals

Companies, offices, cinemas, cafes, dining, fast food shops, family room in need of office chairs, sofas, upholstery cleaning service please contact the company industrial hygiene TKT.

TKT cleaning company with sofa, office chairs, upholstery cleaning technology uses a combination bactericidal disinfectant chemicals 99.9%, helping customers with ergonomic chairs, clean, kill bacteria. Help you complete peace of mind when working with the most comfortable.

In addition, for the first time in Vietnam, in 2014 we apply chemicals to kill insects (aphids, mites, fleas, lice and other harmful insects) imported from the US. Product meets the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA US Environmental Protection Agency) approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

You complete peace of mind when working with your chairs, sofas, upholstery: FREE OF BACTERIAS AND INSECTS

With experience performing chairs, sofas, upholstery cleaning services for large offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An :

  • Majestic, Bong Sen Saigon Moevenpick hotels
  • Agribank, Techcombank, Indovinabank banks…
  • Masan Group (Tan Binh Industrial Zone) factories…
  • Foreign Companies: Japan (Rhoto, Nitto Denko ), South Korea (Lotte Cinema, Tous Les Jours ), the US (Johnson & Johnson, Harley Davidson, …), Taiwan (Packson Flemington )

Unique and professional chairs, sofas, upholstery cleaning for offices, companies with the most competitive price.

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1. Introduction sofa, chair, upholstery cleaning services

In a scientific way, you may not know the chair can contain the following types of contaminants: bacteria, fungi, bacteria, food particles, fungi, grease, dust, hair, stains, pets , pollen, pollutants …

Moreover, shell chair with hollow structure, capable of holding moisture and water. So the chair is preferred environment of BACTERIA. Especially with the office is always closed, no exposure to sunlight, less air circulation. When no hygiene for the whole year, the chair can be a drive giant bacteria.

In particular, the chair may contain several types of bacteria that can cause serious diseases dangerous to health as Noroviruses, Salmonella, Kawasaki Sydrome, Campylobacter can make your allergies, diarrhea, stomach, vomiting Is there any way to prevent this or not? The office chairs should be vacuumed weekly, and monthly cleaning chairs, quarter or year to remove harmful bacteria.

Understanding this, we provide sofa, chair, upholstery cleaning services with technology of killing 99.9% bacteria using disinfectant substances, and killing bed bugs using insecticides.

With professional service and unique sofa, chair, upholstery cleaning service, you will have moments of comfortable work, confident sitting, lying, exposed to work with the office party, his beloved sofa.

vet ban tren ghe

Figure: stains on the sofa, office chairs


2. Offfice chairs, sofas cleaning process

Sofas cleaning services comply with the following process:

Step 1. Preparing

  • Assembly and check the safety of the equipment.
  • Signboards
  • Check the status of upholstery and the stains on office chairs, if they have problems like tearing, slipping only, discolored, they must immediately notify their customers.
  • Preliminary vacuuming on a chair.
  • Handling, heavy bleach stain spot on the chair.
  • Cleaning chemicals are mixed in proportion to the appropriate chair and try before chemical whether it is suitable for chairs, upholstery or not.
tay diem vet ban tren ghe sofa, van phong

Hình ảnh: Tẩy điểm vết bẩn trên ghế sofa, văn phòng

Step 2: Cleaning by using chemicals

  • Chemical solution sprayed on the surface of office chairs. Spray only enough to wet the surface above and not to chemicals absorbed through the wrap.
  • Use a hand brush, hand scrub machine, or felt, then use a vacuum to thoroughly wash chemical solution. Or use the laundry facilities suction jet seats depending on the type of office chairs, sofas surveyed before.
  • Combining chemical biocide to kill bacteria 99.99%.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, clean water to suck the whole cleaning chemicals seat. This process helps dry seat 80-90%, but not completely dry.
quy trinh giat ghe sofa, van phong

Figure: sofa cleaning

Step 3: Drying

  • Use a chair blown completely dry while enhancing bacterial killing effects of chemical disinfectants. Ensure totally destroy surface bacteria on office chairs.
  • Spray insecticide and insect prevention ticks ….

Step 4: Handling other parts of office chairs, sofas

  • Towels and cleaning chemicals and polishes handrails and foot office chair.
  • Upon completion of work, clean around the toilet seat office chair medium.
giat ghe van phong

Figure: office chair cleaning


Depending on the number of office chairs, sofas we will inform our customers based on the number and type of seats. You can refer to quote preliminary office chairs as follows:

Ord Quantity (piece) Price/unit (VNĐ) Total (VNĐ)
1 20 32,000 640,000
2 40 23,000 920,000
3 80 18,500 1,480,000
4 100 17,600 1,760,000
5 200 15,800 3,160,000
6 300 15,200 4,560,000
7 400 14,900 5,960,000

Please refer to the service charge according to the number of seats. Please enter the number of seats, then press Enter <–|:

bao gia dich vu giat ghe van phong

Figure: Quote by quantity

Quote table:

Ord Sofa Price/unit (VNĐ)
1 1 450,000
2 2 400,000
3 3 350,000
4 >3 300,000

* Please contact the company to receive counseling TKT, free quotes.
** We send your official quotation to the customer after the actual survey. Usually lower than the actual price quote on the website, especially for large projects and periodic cleaning chair.

TKT sanitation companies are eager to become a close partner‘s customers with cleaning services office chairs, sofas professional.


Thank you for your interest in our product and service. Please contact us as the following ways:

Option 1: Call our hotline, landing phone 028.66.830.930 or
Option 2: Email us: info@tktg.vn

Sofa and upholstery cleaning service
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