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Office Disinfection Service in Ho Chi Minh

The first Office Disinfection Service in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh … use the disinfection technology of the United States, the most modern disinfection technology.

1. Why should you care about office disinfection service?

Help you protect employee health, reduce the risk of sick leave and reduce the cost of medical treatment for office workers.

The Bureau of Labor statistics show that we spend a lot of money on pathogens of viruses and viruses in the office environment, the company, or the public.

  • Americans lose 5 billion Dollars (5% of Vietnam’s GDP) associated with the virus-related colds. (More than 200 strains are involved in the cause of the cold, rhinoviruses are the most common.)
  • American children have to miss school for a total of 60 million sessions a year due to the flu
  • Office workers lose 50 million dollars due to colds.
benh cam cum lay lan trong van phong

Photos: flu is spread in the office environment

“This is not a joke … you know the office desk has 400 times the number of pathogens in the office.” Why?

Because toilet office is cleaned regularly, daily. There are many things that you and your office staff share at work all year round, including viral, bacterial, cold, flu. Call the office disinfection service, we will help you to have a healthy environment and save millions of dollars in sick leave, medical treatment …

mam benh co trong khong khi chua khu trung

Photos: Germs are in un-disinfect air

Office disinfection service protects you, your employees and your customers

Unlike conventional cleaning, dry-mist sterilization service will reach the corner or skip or be too difficult to reach. The fog disinfection solution can kill mold, yeast, bacteria, viruses. Moreover, disinfecting office services of TKT Cleaning also help to reduce odors in the office.

khu trung van phong bao ve nhan vien, doi tac

Photo: Disinfect office to protect employees, customers

Any surface can become a home for pathogens. It does not matter how carefully you clean it, sanitation services normally push bacteria and viruses from one place to another, not destroy them. Detergent and chemical disinfectants are technically outdated today. We now face higher disinfection requirements, with more difficult to kill pathogens. On the other hand, customers also require ENVIRONMENTAL, NON-toxical chemicals. Office disinfection services TKT will help you save millions for sick leave and sick pay for staff.

khong khi van phong sach vi khuan vi rut sau khu trung

Photos: Clean air office bacteria virus after disinfection

2. Why choose office disinfection services of TKT

  • Certified Disinfection System: We use the only disinfection system approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the sterilization of all space (offices, schools learn…)
  • Removal of pathogens, spore germs most difficult: EPA sterilization system confirmed 99.9999% kill the most difficult to kill spores in the types of pathogens are C.difficile Spore
mầm bệnh bào tử C.difficile cần khử trùng

Pictures: C.Difficile spores

  • Standard hospital disinfection: Our office disinfection service helps you completely clean, destroy the germs according to hospital disinfection standards.
  • Professional and reliable disinfection staff: Our staff trained to realize that your health is the most important. Proper implementation of the process is required for all service personnel.
office disinfection service in Ho Chi Minh - TKT Cleaning

Photo: office disinfection staff

3. Process of implementing comprehensive office disinfection services

To get the best office disinfection effect, you first need to clean the office first if your office has not done this for too long. This is absolutely necessary and is advised by all professionals. Because the disinfectants will only be effective, maximally, for a short time on a clean surface. The dirty surface will reduce or no effect of the drug.

The process is as follows:

– For office, we use ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer. Fogging Machine can adjust spray amount and spray size from 5 – 50 microns, spray jet distance up to 8m, spray angle up to 80 degree , To ensure the disinfection chemicals exposed at every point in the office.

Office Disinfection Service using ULV machine

Phto: Office Disinfection Service using ULV machine

You probably do not know: The ULV sprayer method is most effective for office sterilization that conventional spraying methods can not. The conventional spray method produces large granules and wetting the surface. Only suitable for disinfection patio, summer, playground.

– Disinfectants sprayed surface in the order of: ceiling, wall, bulkhead in the top-down direction. Next is the door area, door handle, table, chair, furniture, utensil …

– After 1-2 hour processing, open the fan system, ventilation of the environment & can work normally.

After sterilization, prevention of germs re-development

Photo: After sterilization, prevention of germs re-development

TKT Cleaning wishes to become a long-term partner of Office, Company with office disinfection service



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