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Factory floor cleaning in Ho Chi Minh

Factory Floor Cleaning Service of TKT Cleaning in Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Can Tho, Binh Phuoc, HCMC: Technical Intensive – The ability to execute large projects – Fast – Effective

Customers are mechanical manufacturing plant, shipbuilding, machine building, electrical equipment manufacturing … are looking for partners in industrial cleaning services specializing in processing oil factory floor workshop oil. Heavy fat, return the original workshop floor?

The reasons for your floor are heavily contaminated with grease, oil:

  • Machinery for long time production of oil grease machine on the floor a thick layer
  • The floor of the workshop is heavily contaminated with grease and oil, combined with dirt in a thick, black layer that can not see the cement floor.

TKT Cleaning, a cleaning company with extensive experience in cleaning floors for grease contaminated workshops for leading partners in Vietnam, with extensive cleaning experience of 10,000 – 20,000 square meters,We help you return your clean, shiny floor as you initially welcome your partner, create a clean working environment for the workers, and exceed the safe workplace safety assessment.ISO certificate, OHSAS …

TKT Cleaning We are looking forward to become a close partner with our customers with floor cleaning service of grease contaminated workshop

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so that TKT can consult at the works and quotes completely free for customers.


1. Introduce factory floor cleaning service

For factories, workshops after a long time of operation, grease accumulation, along with sandy soil to form streaks of dirt thick, solid, hard to hold hard to clean clean. The stains are everywhere on the floor, both at the bottom of the machinery … where the space for cleaning the cramped is very difficult to clean daily, thus accumulating long time becomes stubborn stain onIt can not be reproduced by machinery, equipment, chemicals and conventional procedures.TKT Cleaning performs cleaning procedures for floors with oil and grease factories, using rational equipment, modern and specialized chemicals, and experienced workers who handle grease stains for a long time.

san xuong san nha may bi nhiem dau mo nang

Photo: Heavy oiled floor

One of the most difficult questions about the treatment of grease and oil stains is to choose the right kind of specialized and specialized chemicals. Every environment and grease requires very different chemicals. Choosing the right chemicals and processes decides up to 80% success in removing grease and oil stains on the plant floor,factory.

san xi mang bi nhiem dau mo nang truoc va sua khi xu ly

Photos: Oil-contaminated cement floor before and after cleaning

Moreover, scrubbing floors of heavily contaminated grease factories, which are unable to stop production due to the impact on work progress.It is therefore very important to coordinate with factory management when cleaning. TKT Cleaning always works closely with the plant, planning and managing the schedule accordingly. In addition, it is not easy to mobilize a large work force for fast construction, evening, night, holidays …. to meet the progress of the plant (when stopping production for cleaning). TKT Cleaning technician has experience in building works for nearly 40-50 hygienists working concurrently.

cong nhan lam sach dau mo bam lau ngay tren san nha may nha xuong

Image: Cleaning grease for a long time on the floor of the workshop requires a large number of workers to work simultaneously

On the other hand, for factories, the problem of occupational safety must be placed on top of influencing the management, reputation of the plant.Therefore, the compliance with labor safety, workers are fully equipped with clothing, shoes, hats, glasses … protection is extremely important. TKT Cleaning always complies with this when working on factory floors

For every request of our customers, TKT Cleaning Company has a team of experienced technicians to analyze the requirements and coordinate with the factory to clean the floor of the factory in the most efficient way Most cost.

2. Factory cleaning floor heavy grease contaminated process

The process of scrubbing floors of factories, factories infected with heavy grease should also follow the general cleaning rules of the works: from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from near to from dirty to clean. .

Step 1: Test suitable chemicals: type of chemicals, content

thu nghiem tim hoa chat phu hop

Photo: test, find suitable chemicals to remove grease stuck hard for a long time

Step 2: Apply the chemicals on the floor surface, for a reasonable amount of time

phu hoa chat loai bo dau mo tren mat san xuong

Photo: Coatings remove grease on the floor surface

Step 3: Use a scrubber to brush off stubborn grease

may cha san danh bat dau mo bam cung lau ngay

Picture: Use a scrubber to remove grease and tarnish for a long time

Step 4: Remove all chemicals and stains using a large capacity vacuum cleaner.

hut sach hoa chat bam tren be mat nha xuong nha may

Photos: grease, grease, chemicals on the floor of the factory

Step 5: Scrub the floor cleaning water to clean all chemicals, stains left on the floor.

cha rua sach dau mo, hoa chat con bam xot lai tren be mat san nha may nha xuong

Picture: clean and clean chemicals, grease also cling to the surface

3. Equipment and chemicals to factory floor cleaning service

Machinery use factory cleaning ware included:

  • Single floor scrubber machine, combined floor scrubber
  • Industrial cleaner machine
  • Angle scrub machine
may cha san nha xuong nha may

Picture: factory floor scrubber

Sanitary chemicals used exclusively for factory cleaning:

  • Multi-purpose cleaning chemicals
  • Chemical Degreasers
  • Chemical Detergent Industry
hoa chat ve sinh

Picture: chemical for floor cleaning

4. Quotation for greasy oil contaminated floor cleaning

TKT Cleaning Company, after examining sanitation requirements, will analyze and rate the service of cleaning floors and factories that are contaminated with heavy grease for a long time.
Please see more video about TKT Cleaning grease cleaning service

TKT Cleaning, we are looking forward to become a long-term partner of customers with floor cleaning service of grease contaminated factory floor.


Thank you for your interest in our product and service. Please contact us as the following ways:

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