Factory spider web, dust sweeping and cleaning service

Factory Spider Web Cleaning Service, dust sweeping service at TKT Cleaning in Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Can Tho, Binh Phuoc, Ho Chi Minh City: Modern technology – Big Project Handle – Safe – Effective

Factory, Mill, Workshop are looking for partners in cleaning services for spider web sweeping, dust cleaning on occasions.:

  • General cleaning of the Factory, Mill, Workshop after a long period of use (1-5 years)
  • Prepare to welcome partners, investors, customers visit factories, factories
  • Preparation of factory conditions evaluation and certification approval ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9001, IS14000, OHSAS 18000 …

TKT Cleaning, a cleaning company with experience in providing factory dust cleaning, spiderweb sweeping for our leading partners in Vietnam, with 10,000 sqm of factory space will help us with our ceiling, wall, The roof of the house, the columns, the cable system, the cables, the pipes, the equipment, the access road, the control area, shiny, original paint color.

Cleaning services of the factory, workshop TKT Cleaning has carried out the spider web for groups of companies: electronics, foodstuffs (beer, soft drink …), paper, wood, packaging, animal feed, material processing …

We look forward to becoming a close partner with you in the workshop dust cleaning service.

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1. Introduction Factory spiderweb sweeping, factory dust cleaning

For factories, workshops, mill after a long time of operation, dust accumulated, spider webs in high places can not do daily cleaning. The common feature of such stains is the thick layers of dirt that is thick – sticky – the tight cleaning space – the locations in many corners and overhead. TKT Cleaning performs proper cleaning procedures, uses rational equipment, modern chemicals, experienced workers to remove the dirt quickly.

factory spiderweb cleaning

Image: Traces of dirt on the ceiling of the workshop

It is difficult to clean the factory spider web cleaning and factory dust cleaning, which can not be stopped due to the work progress. It is therefore very important to coordinate with factory management when cleaning. TKT Cleaning always works closely with the plant, planning and managing the schedule accordingly. In addition, it is not easy to mobilize a large work force for fast construction, meeting the progress of the plant (when stopping production for cleaning). TKT Cleaning technician has experience in building works for nearly 40 cleaner man working concurrently.

factory spider web cleaning and dust sweeping on the light cover

Iamge: factory spider web cleaning and dust sweeping on the light cover

On the other hand, for factories, the problem of occupational safety must be placed on top of influencing the management, reputation of the plant. Therefore, the safety training, safety certification of workers when performing on the high is mandatory. All workers of TKT Cleaning are cleaned at the factory for training, certificates and good safety discipline, appreciated by partners.

Cleaning dust marshmallows of the workshop requires high safety

Photo: Cleaning dust marshmallows of the workshop requires high safety

For every request of our customers, TKT Cleaning with a team of experienced technicians to analyze the requirements and coordinate with the factory to create the most effective, most cost-effective.

2. Factory dust sweeping and spider webs procedure

The process of sweeping spider webs, factory dusts must also follow the general cleanup rules: from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from near to clear, from dirty to clean.

Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust

Image: Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust

Factory dust cleaning, spider webs sweeping should be divided into categories and areas to apply appropriate and effective sanitation procedures

  • Ceiling, wall
  • Glass doors, windows
  • Momentum, column
  • Cab system cab, wire
  • Covering of light systems

Areas: control, operation, visit, machinery and equipment, floor manipulation

Factory spider web cleaning using scaffolding

Image: Factory spider web cleaning using scaffolding

3. Sweeping equipment for factory spider webs cleaning and dust cleaning service

Equipment for factory dust cleaning and spiderweb sweeping cluded:

  • Xe nâng, thang nâng, giàn giáo
  • Dây đu, dây an toàn
dich vu quet bui su dung xe nang thang dung

Hình ảnh: Dịch vụ quét bụi mạng nhện sử dụng xe nâng thẳng đứng

  • Industrial cleaner machine
  • Broom, pole extension of 3,6,9 m
may hut bui su dung trong ve sinh nha xuong

Photo: factory dust sweeping workshop using vacuum cleaner, brush

  • Water squeegee, wet push stick, dust pusher
  • Wiper
factory spiderweb sweeping using forklift truck

Pictures: factory spiderweb sweeping using forklift truck

4. Quotation of factory dust cleaning and Factory Spider Web Cleaning

TKT Cleaning Company after receiving the requirements of cleaning, we will come to survey and send you quotation free completely.

Please see more video about factory dust cleaning and spiderweb sweeping service of TKT Cleaning

TKT is looking forward to become a long-term partner of customers with factory dust cleaning service and spiderweb sweeping


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