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Hourly cleaning maids service of TKT Cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam : Cost Savings – Efficiency – Flexibility and commitment to constantly improve the quality for the benefit of customers.

Faced with the difficulties of the economy, you’re a headache to cut, saving the expenses of the business, your company. It is important to keep cleanness of working environment for your company. But have you thought or known forms of cleaning maids hired by the hour? That is a new way, a new trend, more savings, more efficient.

TKT Company is one of the best cleaning company provide hourly cleaning maids service for home, office, company, restaurant, building…

Actually, we provide hourly cleaning maid service for more than 150 customers in Ho Chi Minh city

Hourly maid cleaning TKT Image: Hourly cleaning maids service in Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam

With the high appreciation of our partners that provided services by the hour cleaning maids staff that has served TKT Cleaning, we are confident will meet your requirements.

This is a new solution, really cost saving and suitable for companies that need to reduce costs in the economic conditions are difficult in Vietnam.

Also when Customers need, we are always willing to meet:

  • Frequent cleaning: one time cleaning as carpet, chairs, upholstery cleaning, onetime deep cleaning…
  • Specific maintenance: high glass cleaner, adhesive coated vinyl flooring, polished marble floors, granite, stone floor restoration,
  • Providing cleaning maid: 8, every day … we always have the package solutions for you with best cost.

Please contact us, so we have the opportunity to meet, consult and quote to you the best office cleaning services prices.

Phone: 028.66.830.930 or 028.66.830.931

or email: [email protected]

Hourly cleaning maids service introduction

Depending on the cleaning requirements of our customers, we will do survey, consult and quote. Customers can choose 2-8 h/day, 2-7 days/week …

Hourly cleaning service can also include package: hourly cleaning staff, equipment and specialty chemicals for the entire public area of the building, or, depending on the specific location of each area. Job frequency can be daily, weekly, monthly ….

  • External areas: sidewalks, front yard, the area around the building perimeter
  • Basement: driveway, parking, staff toilets, technical rooms, house garbage, …
  • Ground floor: main entrance, reception area, main lobby, lobby, elevators, pantry, guest toilet.
  • The floor area for office space comprises of corridor, lift lobby, restroom
  • Top floor: outdoor area
  • Elevator cabinet
  • Stairs and stairwells
hourly cleaning maid for office

Image: hourly cleaning maid for office

Image: Hourly cleaning maids service

Why chose cleaning maids service of TKT Cleaning:

  • Cost saving: maids hired by the hour to help customers save from 30-80% compared to employees working 8h/day. Detailed home cleaning services price list as follows: Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018
Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018

Image: Hourly Maids, Cleaner Quotation of TKT Cleaning 2018

  • Efficient: Provides the optimal solution based on the requirements and business characteristics of the customers with reasonable prices. We are useful office business cleaning services.
  • Flexibility: Meeting the diverse needs of customers, quickly settle customer complaints, Continuously improving service quality.

We believe that we will meet the highest requirements of our customers.

TKT Cleaning is eager to become a reliable partner, lasting from customers for services CLEANING MAIDS PROVIDED BY HOUR

Our cleaning maid service video:


Thank you for your interest in our product and service. Please contact us as the following ways:

Phone number TKT Cleaning 0938172294

Email Cleaning info@tktg.vn

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