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The leading office carpet cleaning service in Ho chi minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An province. The new and unique technology of carpet cleaning will kill 99,9% of bateria. Standard Process – Modern equipment – Best Chemicals.

Companies, offices, cinemas, cafes, theaters, hotels, commercial areas … want to clean office carpet, please contact TKT Cleaning.

TKT Cleaning providing office carpet cleaning services office with unique cleaning technology will kill 99.9% bacteria by using antibacterial chemical disinfectants, not only to assist our customers have a clean carpet, but also help keep the environment clean, healthy and prevent disease.

We have very long experience of commercial carpet cleaning service for big office in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An Provide:

  • Hotel: Majestic, Bông Sen Saigon, Moevenpick…
  • Bank: Agribank, Techcombank, Indovinabank, Đông Á, Techcombank…
  • Factory: Masan group,  Rhoto, Nitto Denko, Johnson & Johnson…
  • High rise office: Saigon Port, Mekong Tower, Itaxa Tower, HD Tower, HCMC Women magazine Building…
  • Trade building: Lotte Cinema, Tous les jours, Packson Flemington, Harley Davidson…

We offer a unique services with professional and unbeatable prices.

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office carpet cleaning service

Image: office carpet cleaning service of TKT Cleaning – Ho Chi Minh Vietnam


1. Carpet cleaning service introduction

We understand that carpet with hollow structure, ability to hold moisture and water. So the carpet is preferred environment of the bacteria. Especially with tropical weather, hot and humid in Vietnam, the carpet can absolutely be a “drive” giant bacteria, where officers still have to contact us for hours, every day throughout the year.

A more scientific view, the carpet may contain a number of bacteria that can cause serious diseases dangerous to health as Norovirus, Salmonella, Kawasaki Sydrome, Campylobacter … you can do an allergy, diarrhea , stomach, vomiting …

Is there any way to prevent this or not? The officer should be weekly vacuuming carpets, cleaning carpets and monthly, quarterly and year to eliminate the harmful bacteria.

Understanding this, carpet cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh of TKT Cleaning have unique carpet cleaning method with antibacterial chemicals 99.9% (Disinfectant Substances).

With professional and unique carpet cleaning services, the officers and staffs will be working the moment comfortable, confident sitting, lying, exposed … working inside the office carpet.

dich vu giat tham van phong diet khuan

Image: Bacteria inside carpet

2. Carpet cleaning procedure

Our services shall comply with the following procedure:

Step 1: Preparing

  • Check safety equipment.
  • Moving furniture before carpet cleaning as much as possible.
  • Check the edges of the carpet was not glued to the floor.

Step 2: Preliminary

  • Vacuum: Vacuum cleaner on the carpet, this process makes carpet cleaning faster and more efficient.
  • Bleaching point: Use cleaning agents to remove spots and stains on the surface before using the carpet cleaning machine (hand or machine brush rubs to treat stains). This is a carpet spot remover process, so there should be learned from the cleaner.
tay diem, giat goc truoc khi giat tham

Image: remove spots and clean carpet edges

Step 3: clean carpet with specialized equipment

  • Always try cleaning carpet cleaning chemicals before washing dedicated if no response then continue to wash new, to avoid spreading the stain around while purging. Only use special chemical, imported to carpet cleaning.
  • After sanitizing chemicals with 99.9% in specialized carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • Use versatile scrubber brush fitted carpet to proceed.
  • If that still is not clean, the carpet cleaning 2-3 times to clean it thoroughly.
  • Use a hand brush, washing machine rubs to corners, where the wall and the carpet not on the washing machine.
giat tham van phong su dung may chuyen dung

Image: office carpet cleaning with scrubber machine

Step 4: Dry carpet

  • Dry: Use a dedicated washer to suck dry the carpet, removing about 80% moisture in the carpet.
  • Use a blow dry scallops large capacity to dry the carpet. Make sure the carpet is completely dry to ensure the effectiveness of chemical disinfectants 99.9% of bacteria are destroyed.
  • For anti-bacterial carpet cleaning service which is to be done carefully to dry completely destroy the carpet and make sure all the bacteria, which helps the carpet is really a safe place.
  • When dry the carpet, the furniture Statistics on initial position.
giat tham van phong lam kho tham

Image: Carpet cleaning

3. Quotation

OrdQuantity (m2)Price (VNĐ)
230 – 5015,000
351 – 10012,000
4101- 2009,500
5201 – 3008,000
6301 – 4007,000
7401 – 5006,000

* Please contact to TKT Cleaning to receive counseling and quote completely free
** Official quotation to customers after the actual survey. Usually lower than the actual price quote on the website, especially for large projects and regular carpet cleaning.

dich vu giat tham van phong chuyen nghiep

Image: Professional office carpet cleaning service

Professional Office carpet cleaning service of TKT desire to become your intimate partner.

Please see carpet cleaning video:

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