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Vinyl floor sealing service in Ho Chi Minh

Vinyl floor sealing service (or vinyl floor coating service) In Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An, Can Tho, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet …: International Chemicals – Standard Process – Modern Equipment – Professional Staff

TKT’s Vinyl Floor Sealing Service is ready to serve the most demanding clients in offices, hospitals, schools, factories, factories, hi-tech areas, anti-static flooring, clean rooms. Gym, commercial area, hotel, villa … If you have the following needs:

  • Apply new Vinyl flooring after you apply it to increase the gloss of the floor, while also protecting the new vinyl floor. Helps to increase longevity for floors, floors without scratches due to protective coatings.
  • Remove the old coating, to restore the new layer, improve the aesthetic value of the floor, put the vinyl floor to the original state.
  • Temporarily seal vinyl floor.

Vinyl Flooring Sealing is a strength of TKT company with big investment in international cleaning and sealing chemicals. (Only use imported chemicals from USA, Malaysia, Singapore …) Modern Vinyl flooring, the standard floor sealing process, along with skilled, responsible and dedicated workers. That is why a lot of customers, foreign partners, as well as in the country have selected Vinyl Floor Sealing and Cleaning services of TKT company:

  • Major corporations and companies in Vietnam: Agribank, Techcombank, Mbbank, Indovinabank, Masan Group, Construction Corporation, Saigon Port, Vietnam News Tower, Ho Chi Minh City Press House, Mekong Building Tower …
  • The works of foreign companies in Japan (Rohto, Nitto Denko, Tokyo Deli …), USA (Johnson and Johnson …), Germany (MovenPick Hotel), Korea (Tous Les Jours, Yajkin Intertex, Lotte Mart) , Taiwan (Packson Flemington …) …
  • And many high-end villas in Ho Chi Minh City: Thao Dien District 2; Phu My Hung District 7; The villas Q9 and neighboring provinces Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Long An, Phan Thiet …

TKT is looking forward to serving customers with the most professional Vinyl Floor Sealing Services at the most competitive prices.

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2. Vinyl Floor Sealing Processing

Vinyl flooring is a common name for a range of products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), commonly known as vinyl, which is a vinyl synthetic thermoplastic.

Vinyl floor sealing service

Photo: Vinyl floor sealing service

Vinyl flooring is often applied in places:

  • Hospital, operating room, health center
  • Use in public areas, hotels, restaurants
  • In the office, commercial center
  • Pharmaceutical center, cosmetic factory, production workshop
  • School, play area for children
  • Laboratory, clean room, chemical plant


Vinyl floor in the office after cleaning and sealing as Vinyl floor sealing service

Photo: Vinyl floor in the office after cleaning and sealing

Because they have the following outstanding features:

  • High elasticity of about 12%
  • Softness, high ductility, durable, scratch-resistant.
  • Anti-slippery, hygienic, antibacterial and anti-mold, anti-burns of cigarette butts, anti-chemical
  • No cracking, cracking due to seismic, high compressive strength
  • Lower noise, no dents
  • Little or no connection, high flatness
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain and maintain.
  • Lighter than brick should reduce the initial cost (cost of manicure …) for the works.
Coating by Vinyl floor sealing service TKT Cleaning

Photo: Coating Vinyl flooring to protect the floor

However, to protect, increase the lifespan and aesthetic beauty of vinyl flooring, in technology people usually cover a thin plastic layer, in the floor protection. This process in technology is called vinyl flooring or vinyl flooring. This thin plastic coating does not change the floating features of the Vinyl Flooring but only increases the value of the floor, just as we go “glued” to the Smart Phone screen. However, chemicals and techniques are more complex and difficult.

The process of covering the vinyl floor of sanitation company TKT Cleaning includes the following main steps:

Step 1: Clean the floor surface:

Vinyl cleaning is important for floor covering. The clean floor surface helps the floor after high gloss, increasing the aesthetics. This is the most difficult and important step in vinyl floor sealing process.
– Requirements for new products: required to clean glue, dirt, paint on the surface.
– Requirements for covered floors: Requires cleaning the entire old coating, cleaning the floor


Remove the old vinyl floor by Vinyl cleaning floor service

Photo: Remove the old vinyl floor coverings at the corners, slits and travel areas

– Operation:

  • Put a warning sign on the area under construction.
  • Blast the floor cleaning agent into a bucket of water at a ratio of 1:10 with water to the scrubber in combination with the scrubber to scrub the dirty floor on the floor and peel the old glue.
  • Use a suction machine to drain off the dirty water.
  • Use a mop floor to clean the floor with clean water.
  • Wait for the floor to dry naturally, or use a scoop dryer

Step 2: Vinyl Floor Sealing:

The floor after being cleaned will be covered with polishing chemicals and floor protection.

– Requirements: the floor must reach the same brightness, not patchy patchy patch.

Coating of vinyl floor

Photo: Coat of vinyl floor

– Operation:

  • Pour the chemicals into the car with water.
  • Use rabbit cotton absorbent chemicals and evenly cover the floor surface.
  • Wait about 60 minutes for the floor to dry naturally, then continue to coat the second coat.
  • Continue with the third layer.
  • Wait for the final coating to dry completely and then use a high-speed polishing machine (1500 rpm) combined with surface-active polishing chemicals to make the floor firm, shiny.
Vinyl floor Sealing using high speed floor scrubbers

Image: Vinyl floor Sealing using high speed floor scrubbers

Step 3: Recheck floor sealed

  • Coating is uniform, no streaks, no streaks.
  • Chemicals are covered in both angles.
  • Scratches are filled. No blisters
  • Do not leave stains on the new surface.
Result of Vinyl floor Sealing Service

Photo: check the Vinyl floor after coating

TKT cleaning service company with knowledge about Vinyl flooring, vinyl floor sealing service is looking forward to become your partner.

Video introduces TKT Cleaning Vinyl Flooring.

TKT VINYL FLOOR SEALING SERVICE – professional & best price.


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