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TKT Company apartment cleaning service
Image: TKT Company apartment cleaning service

1. What does apartment cleaning service job description include?

Cleaning work for apartment is divided into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly items. Depending on the nature of the work, the contract requirements of the cleaning service with the apartment management board will apply accordingly.

1.1. Daily apartment cleaning items

1.1.1. Cleaning the outer perimeter, landscape

  • Sweep up trash in the walkway. Keep the aisles clean, free of garbage
  • Sweep the landscaped areas, play around the apartment.
  • Water the plant, pick up the leaves of the stump.
  • Wipe the lobby outside the apartment.
  • Wipe glass doors, outside doors from 2m or less.

1.1.2. Handling garbage from the garbage warehouse to the garbage collection truck.

  • Push the trash can from the cellar onto the car.
  • Sanitation workers clean the garbage pit after each collection
  • Spray deodorant, insect repellent

1.1.3. Cleaning the basement, support areas

  • Sweep the floor, collect floating garbage in the basement, walkway.
  • Clean support areas such as security rooms, technical rooms, apartment cleaning staff rooms, toilets…

1.1.4. Cleaning the lobby, public areas inside

  • Clean the inner glass from 2m or less
  • Cleaning the reception area of the apartment
  • Cleaning tables and chairs waiting for guests to enter the apartment
  • Clean the lobby floor.
  • Sanitize toilets.
  • Clean elevators and handrails.

1.1.5. Cleaning public areas on all floors of the apartment

  • Sweeping and wiping the walkways, corridors, railings, handrails of floors
  • Sweep stairs
  • Cleaning terrace (if any).

1.2. Weekly cleaning of the apartment building

1.2.1. Outer area, landscape

  • Tree pruning
  • Yard cleaning spray
  • Scrub the floor around the perimeter of the apartment

1.2.2. Garbage house area

  • Spray, spray deodorant, disinfect

1.2.3. Parking area, ancillary works

  • Spray for heavily soiled areas

1.2.4. Inner lobby area

  • Interior cleaning
  • Scrub the floor
  • Sweeping dust, spider webs on high

1.2.5. Cleaning public areas of the apartment

  • Wipe the fire extinguisher
  • Sweep dust, spider webs

1.3. Monthly and quarterly apartment cleaning category

Depending on the requirements of each apartment from medium to high-end, the monthly and quarterly cleaning items may include the following items:

1.4. Annual apartment cleaning category

Depending on the requirements of residents and apartment management, the apartment cleaning service will provide annual apartment cleaning jobs including:

  • Cleaning overhead glass doors in public areas using scaffolding, swinging
  • Clean apartment windows
  • Glass waterproofing per apartment
  • < li>Exterior painting, logo
  • Disinfection of the entire apartment
  • Polishing, maintaining natural stone floors in the lobby, surrounding areas (Marble, Granite, Terrazzo) , Concrete).

1.5. Cleaning items that apartment residents can request

Communities living in apartments not only enjoy public cleaning services and they can request intensive cleaning services for their families which can be as follows:

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💦 Many in-depth cleaning services related to apartments and buildings you can explore below

2. Why choose TKT Company apartment cleaning service in 2024

TKT Company is cleaning service professional industry with more than 10 years of experience in providing services for apartments, high-rise office buildings. This is why our customers have chosen our services.

  • Savings: cheap apartment cleaning service prices are very competitive compared to the market
  • Comprehensive: not only provides general cleaning for the building, but provides a service for each apartment.
  • Professional: Staff are very well trained, friendly, cheerful, highly disciplined work.
  • Flexible: Meeting all requirements from economical apartments to high-end strict.
  • Experience: Over 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry, serving more than 5,000 domestic and foreign customers. TKT Company is confident to provide the best apartment cleaning service for residents.
  • Modern: TKT Company uses many cleaning equipment and cleaning processes. We have advanced into the apartment cleaning process, providing the best living environment for the entire residential community.
  • Green: We provide many solutions to do this. Clean Green, biotechnology, hot steam, join hands to protect the dear earth.

3. Quotation for apartment cleaning services

The price of apartment cleaning service depends on the following main factors:

  • Number of daily cleaners
  • Recurring workload required
  • Equipment to be provided. Chemical requirements.
  • Special requirements from residents, apartments.

We will survey and give the most detailed and specific quotation to the apartment management.

Refer to the service price of apartment cleaning staff

  • 1 employee: 7,600,000 VND/employee/month
  • 2 – 4 employees: 7,400,000 VND/employee/month
  • 5 – 10 employees:   VND 7,200,000 VND/employee/month
  • 11 or more employees: VND 7,000,000 VND/employee/month

TKT Company will advise the Management Board on the most suitable and economical overall cleaning packages.

4. The process of providing daily apartment cleaning services

With just the following 5 steps: Receiving – exchanging – signing – providing – taking care of customers, TKT Company has provided services for hundreds of apartments in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An …

4.1. Step 1 – Receive information

  • Request for apartment cleaning service is received by us through all contact channels such as: phone, email, social network, face-to-face…
  • TKT Company will call or visit the Apartment Management Board to confirm receipt of the request: work items, construction time, construction location.
  • TKT Company can send a preliminary service quote ( reference) to the Apartment Management Board within 8 working hours.
  • Cost: 100% free

4.2. Step 2 – Survey and Quotation

  • TKT Company makes an appointment and conducts a survey at the apartment building.
  • Here, we monitor and agree on the work requirements with the Apartment Management Board.
  • Cost: 100% free

4.3. Step 3 – Sign the contract

  • TKT Company sends the final quotation, sample contract and negotiates with the customer to sign the contract and confirm the implementation date.
  • Time: 1 day from when both parties confirm
  • Cost: 100% free

4.4. Step 4 – Deployment

  • TKT Company deploys a full-service apartment building cleaning service including: staff, chemicals, equipment, consumables… in the presence of supervision.

4.5. Step 5 – Customer care

  • TKT Company takes care of customers throughout the contract execution process 24/7/365.
  •  Ensure timely detection and handling of arising problems.
  • Besides the direct supervisor (leader) at the construction site, the area supervisor also takes care of customers periodically.
  • General supervision takes care of customers by appointment< /li>

TKT Company is the leading cleaning company for Apartments in Ho Chi Minh City, always ready to listen to all requests from customers.

5. Frequently asked questions about cleaning services, apartment cleaning

5.1. Cleaning the apartment after construction?

❓ Question 1: Does TKT Company accept cleaning of new apartments after construction ? Or cleaning the newly built apartment finished repairing?

💡 Reply: TKT Company provides general cleaning services for newly built apartments. In this job, we often work with investors, construction contractors, to clean the entire apartment, helping new residents see a clean and modern apartment environment.

5.2. Quote for cleaning the apartment in the apartment?

❓ Question 2: How do I get an apartment cleaning quote?

💡 Reply: The general cleaning of our apartments is very common in the following cases:
– Cleaning of newly built, repaired apartments into the interior
General cleaning of the apartment for residents after a period of use or on special occasions such as holidays, Lunar New Year, New Year .
Apartment cleaning quote from 60 – 200m2 with a cost of 2,000,000 – 4,000,000 VND for general cleaning. Please contact us for the most accurate apartment cleaning quote.

5.3. Price list of industrial cleaning for apartments?

❓ Question 3: Can I get apartment industrial cleaning quote

💡 Answer: Of course it is possible. Please refer to the quote for house and apartment cleaning services at the following link: This is the most detailed industrial cleaning quote for houses and apartments. If you still have questions or contact us immediately.

6. Video cleaning and cleaning the apartment

Watch more videos of TKT Company’s apartment cleaning and cleaning services

6.1. Periodic cleaning for the apartment

Video of industrial cleaning for apartments: cleaning glass, scrubbing floors, washing carpets

6.2. Daily cleaning in the apartment

Video on cleaning the gym in the apartment

6.3. Daily cleaning of the apartment in public areas

Video Cleaning the commercial center in the apartment

6.4. Polished and restored Penthouse apartment marble floor

Video polishing Marble natural stone floor in Ho Chi Minh City apartment

7. Promotions

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