Not only Clean Carpet but also Good for Health

Disinfect 99.9% and Prevent Corona Virus

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30″ Minutes carpet get drying. Best suited for office carpets

100% Environmentally friendly, Green technology for the earth.

100% Natural. No. 1 carpet solution from Japan.

100% Gentle on skin, even for babies.

99.9% Disinfection by hot steam. Latest technology.

10 Years of experience. 25,000m2 of carpet cleaned per year.

Wet Shampoo Carpet Washing method is outdated. The world has changed...

Fast Carpet Cleaning Time and Environmental Friendly are the most important factors for offices and companies.

There is a secret… hot steam carpet cleaning technology helps you not only clean the carpet, environmentally friendly but also protects you from bacteria and viruses.

Maybe you don’t believe?

This is the recommendation of 90% of the world’s carpet manufacturers.

You can achieve all your Cleaning and Health goals thanks to the development of carpet cleaning technology. And now present in Vietnam with TKT Cleaning’s carpet cleaning service.

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Get the Best Carpet Cleaning Service Just 3 Simple Steps

Select area m2

Select the appropriate carpet cleaning service Online. Get instant quote Online. Or contact us for a complete consultation.

Make an appointment

Schedule carpet cleaning. Let us know how long you want to clean your office or home carpet. We will confirm the reschedule.

Carpets are cleaned

It only takes you 30 seconds to book an online carpet cleaning appointment. We will do all the rest. You will pay only if 100% satisfied.

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The most modern carpet cleaning service
at an incredibly cheap price of experience

Regular price: 10,000đ/m2

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GIFT:Multipurpose cleaner

Ecosophy No.1 Multi-purpose cleaning solution – Japan: 100% natural – 100% soft and gentle on hands, made in Japan. Helps you clean stains on carpets, office furniture, glass, floors, walls… Especially clean stains of tea, coffee, chili sauce, grease… sticking to carpets due to spills. We are with you to keep your carpet clean.

Hot steam helps kill 99.9% Mold, Bacteria, Virus…
Cleans all stubborn stains on carpets

More than 5,000 Customers have trusted Carpet Cleaning Service of TKT Cleaning for the past 10 years

Customers talk about us

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    Do you know

    thảm bẩn hơn 10 lần so với bệ ngồi toilet

    Carpets are 10 times dirtier*
    than toilet seats

    And 50% of offices do not clean the carpet periodically.

    *Up to 40,000 bacteria/cm2 carpet 10 times more than toilet.

    chuyen doan mui ten

    Corona virus can survive on carpets for up to 2 days

    And above 30oC Corona virus will be destroyed after 3-5 minutes.

    tham co the ton tai virus corona trong 2 ngay
    chuyen doan mui ten 2

    Carpet cleaning methods of developed countries in the world including the US, Europe, Japan…

    More than 90% of carpet manufacturers recommend

    The carpet cleaning method is deep clean, dries quickly, kills molds, viruses, bacteria and is especially friendly to the environment.

    90 %

    The WORLD professional carpet cleaning service prioritizes the use of hot water or steam carpet cleaning methods.

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    Why do customers choose TKT Cleaning carpet cleaning service for 10 years?

    Many Carpet Cleaning Services Why choose TKT Cleaning ?

    Modern, leading carpet cleaning technology
    Green carpet cleaning, environmental protection
    Professional, Prestige, Sincerity
    Experienced, friendly, hardworking staff.
    Diverse methods from traditional to modern
    Flexible pricing from Cheapest, Popular to Premium
    Many promotions, customer gratitude
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    100% Hài Lòng mới thanh toán
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    International standard 6-step carpet cleaning process

    Preparing area

    Clean tables, chairs, furniture to create an empty space for carpet cleaning. Check carpets for damage, defects and notify customers immediately. Deployment of machines and tools.

    Test chemicals

    Test the chemicals and prepare the mix concentration for the most effective carpet cleaning. Remove heavy stains on carpets: paint, rubber, food spilled for a long time...

    Carpet vacuuming

    Clean all long-standing dirt deep in the carpet to maximize the effectiveness of the washing process. Pick up small metal pins from the carpet.

    Carpet cleaning

    Use different methods and equipment that are most suitable for carpet cleaning: Shampooing, Steam, Extraction, Dry...

    Dry the carpet

    Regardless of the method of carpet cleaning, it is recommended to blow dry the carpet with a high speed blower to completely dry the carpet to enhance the ability to kill bacteria.

    Project acceptance

    Inspect and sign the carpet cleaning acceptance. Clean the area, return the area to its original state. Get reviews from customers.

    Proud to be a carpet cleaning service PRESTIGE & BEST PROFESSIONAL in HCMC

    What makes it Quality of Service of TKT Cleaning

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    Modern Devices

    TKT Cleaning uses modern and specialized equipment when cleaning carpets. Ensure clean carpet fiber, short time and minimize noise. You will find state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment such as scrubber carpet cleaners, suction spray washers, hot steam washers…

    Chemical friendly

    “Green” is the goal of TKT Cleaning’s carpet cleaning service. Only use chemicals with MSDS safety certificates, which are not dangerous or irritating. With special requirements, we have biological standard carpet stain remover chemicals, friendly and non-harmful to the environment, gentle on hands, safe for babies.

    Standard Procedure

    TKT Cleaning’s carpet cleaning process is based on foreign studies and the reality of Vietnamese carpets to have the most standard carpet cleaning method in terms of quality and price. .

    We are cleaning company professional, leading industry in Ho Chi Minh City in carpet cleaning service for Offices, Companies, Factories, Commercial Areas, Housing, Family… Over 10 years of experience, more than 1,000 completed projects, we are Proud to be the most PRESTIGE, RELIABLE carpet cleaning service in HCMC

    Top10™ carpet cleaning service MOST FAVORITE in HCMC 2024

    Why does TKT Cleaning staff Beloved and trusted ?


    When providing carpet cleaning service, staff always smile friendly upon arrival, say goodbye when leaving. Not only do you get a good service, you get SATISFACTION.


    Listen attentively to all customer requirements to find the fastest and best carpet cleaning solution. That is the Devotion in our carpet cleaning service.


    We ensure that the carpet cleaners who come to the construction site are honest and honest people. All your belongings are guaranteed 100% safe.

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    We forgot to tell you about the Gift of Gratitude

    voucher giat tham TKT Cleaning

    Second carpet cleaning

    When you wash your carpet for the second time with TKT Cleaning, use a discount voucher of 200,000 VND.

    Monthly carpet cleaning

    When you do monthly carpet cleaning with TKT Cleaning, use a discount voucher of VND 500,000.

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    FAQ about carpet cleaning

    Question 1: After carpet cleaning, how long will it take to dry?

    It depends on the method you choose to clean your carpet. Cleaning service TKT Cleaning has a method of cleaning carpets with hot steam, dry carpet time is only from 30 minutes. It is standard condition for carpet cleaning periodically. Of course, for places where the carpet is too dirty, having to wash many times, the amount of water used will be more. The carpet will dry in 1-2 hours. Other common cheap carpet cleaning methods, the drying time is from 6-8 hours. It is best 12-24 hours depending on ventilation conditions.

    Question 2: Is it possible to walk in the office while washing the carpet?

    Maybe, but shouldn’t. Why is it possible? You can use clean, new to walk on carpet under cleaning if needed. But don’t because the act of walking on the carpet when the carpet is wet is very easy to make the carpet dirty again. Because in a humid state, the carpet is easy to pick up dirt.

    Question 3: Does carpet cleaning help kill Dust mites (very small house bugs in English are dust mites)?

    Conventional carpet cleaning methods can be combined with the right chemicals to kill these bugs. Or use hot steam carpet cleaning will destroy them. They are not visible to the naked eye because they are only 1/4mm in size. They cause house mites, which are the cause of most allergies, especially skin allergies such as redness, swelling, and itching. We recommend the hot steam carpet cleaning method for the office, if you lie or sit on the carpet often.

    Question 4: Different carpet cleaning methods why the price is different?

    TKT provides 2 methods of industrial carpet cleaning and hot steam carpet cleaning. Why are carpet cleaning prices different?

    Industrial carpet cleaning method using a scrubber machine (multi-purpose scrubber). This is the traditional carpet cleaning method in Vietnam with cheap investment. The weakness of this method is that the carpet gets wet too much, resulting in a long drying time. And limited in disinfecting, killing mold.

    The hot steam carpet cleaning method is the most advanced and modern method in the world today. The weakness of this method is its high cost due to expensive machinery. The strong point is that the carpet is quickly dry cleaned by using only steam, increasing the ability to disinfect, kill mold, viruses… because of the hot steam of 100oC.

    Question 5: The cost of hot steam carpet cleaning compared to the price of traditional carpet cleaning?

    The cost of hot steam carpet cleaning is usually 2 times more expensive than conventional, traditional carpet cleaning methods. However, TKT Cleaning offers an experiential steam carpet cleaning program at a very cheap cost, only from 7,000 VND / m2 for a large area of ​​1,000m2 or more.

    Question 6: How much is the cheapest carpet cleaning per m2?

    For loyal customers, with carpet cleaning area larger than 1,000m2 and industrial carpet cleaning methods, the cheapest carpet cleaning is only from 5,000 VND/m2. This is the cheapest carpet cleaning price on the market today.

    Question 7: Besides carpet cleaning, does TKT Cleaning have any other laundry services?

    TKT Cleaning provides a full package of chair cleaning services, hotel carpet cleaning, wedding restaurant, yacht and boat carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, and office partition cleaning.

    Question 8: What is Green carpet cleaning chemical?

    Most carpet cleaning chemicals currently on the market are ordinary cleaning chemicals, which means they will not biodegrade.

    The main ingredients of detergents are surfactants, in addition there are additives, colors, flavors, chlorine, peroxides… (the precursor of NDMA compounds – a pollutant that can cause cancer. in water sources.),  benzene sulphonate of alkyl base…

    Therefore, when the cleaning is complete, the mixture of detergents and dirt will follow the wastewater flow into tanks, ponds, sewers, rivers, streams, etc., causing pollution. Over a distance of 200km, only 30% is broken down by bacteria.)

    Green carpet cleaning chemicals are of natural origin, completely biodegradable after 2-3 days after use. Therefore, it does not pollute the water source.

    Question 9: What type of carpet cleaning chemical does TKT Cleaning use?

    TKT Cleaning uses the No. 1 Ecosophy carpet cleaning chemical from Japan. This is a line of 100% natural carpet cleaning chemicals, made in Japan and is the leading line of biotechnological and environmentally friendly products used in Japan. The product is safe for baby’s skin, so it’s 100% safe.

    Question 10: What is the member VIP card of TKT Cleaning carpet cleaning service?

    TKT Cleaning is grateful to loyal customers with the VIP card gift program, when customers use monthly carpet cleaning, with a promotion program to give cash up to 500,000 VND/time.

    Experience the Most Modern Carpet Cleaning Service NOW?

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    Regular price: 10,000 VND/m2

    Experience price:

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    Chính sách hài lòng 100% mới thanh toán của TKT Cleaning
    hoa chat tay rua da nang Ecosophy Nhat Ban

    GIFT: All-purpose cleaner

    All-purpose cleanser Ecosophy No. 1 – Japan: 100% natural – 100% gentle on skin Hand made, made in Japan. Helps you clean stains on carpets, office furniture, glass, floors, walls… Especially clean stains of tea, coffee, chili sauce, grease… clinging to carpets due to spills. We are with you to keep carpets clean.

    All in one