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Most Prestigious Cleaning Services for Offices, Buildings, Factories...

Our Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Janitorial Cleaning Services was established in 2010, providing cleaning solutions for more than 5,000 Clients of Buildings, Offices, Companies, Factories, Apartments in Vietnam with Comprehensive solutions - Professional - Most Economical

Our janitorial cleaning service package

We provide janitorial cleaning services for all types: Building, Office, Workshop, Factory, Warehouse, School, Hospital, Commercial Area, Apartment, House, Village...

Our Commercial Cleaning Service

We provide deep & special commercial cleaning service: exterior, facade, on-heigh; interior items; hard floor maintenance: polishing; sealing; cleaning the air

Clean the outside

Interior cleaning

Sanitation of the air


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Trusted by over 5,000 customers during the past 10 years

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    • Procedure of requiring cleaning services?

      Bước 1: Nhận yêu cầu. Chỉ đơn giản, Để Lại Yêu Cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ gọi lại để Tư Vấn, hoặc hẹn Khảo Sát tại Công Trình. Hoặc bạn đăng ký dịch vụ Online. Bước 2: Thống nhất yêu cầu. Sau khi thống nhất giá cả, danh mục các công việc, chúng tôi sẽ lên hợp đồng idịch vụ. Bước 3: Ký hợp đồng và triển khai. Sau khi ký hợp đồng, chốt ngày làm. Chúng tôi sẽ cung cấp dịch vụ vệ sinh cho bạn. Sẽ không có bất kỳ phát sinh chi phí nào sau khi đã thống nhất hợp đồng. Bước 4: Thanh toán 1 lần hoặc hàng tháng. Tùy theo loại hình dịch vụ vệ sinh mà việc thanh toán có thể 1 lần hoặc hàng tháng theo hình thức tiền mặt, hay chuyển khoản.<br />Step 1: Receive the request. Simply, Leave your Inquiry, we will call you back for Advice, or make a survey appointment at Site. Or you submit for an Online service.<br />Step 2: We will finalize your requirements. After you accept the price with the list of works, we will issue a service contract.<br />Step 3: Sign the contract and deploy service. We will provide you with a cleaning service. There will not be any costs incurred after the contract is agreed. Step 4: Payment 1 time or monthly. Depending on the type of cleaning service, the payment can be once or monthly in the form of cash, or bank transfer.

    • Can I adjust the cleaning schedule after I confirmed it?

      Please notify us before 8 working hours so that we can promptly adjust and reschedule the cleaning schedule for you.

    • Can I consult the service contract first?

      You can of course ask to refer to the sample cleaning service agreement. Then ask for adjustments to suit your requirements. We are always happy to assist you.

    • Can I get a detailed cleaning service quote?

      When you need the detailed cleaning service quotes. Please contact us, so we can survey, discuss and finalize your requirement. Online quotation is only correct 80-90% of your requirements. Because each project always has its own characteristics. Only estimated quote when you fill out the Online form. Please give us your number and requirement, we will give you detailed cleaning quotation.

    • What should I do if I am not satisfied?

      Thousands of customers have been satisfied with TKT Cleaning during the past 10 years. However, if you are not satisfied with our service quality, please call TKT Cleaning Hotline 028.66.830.930 or 028.66.830.931. We will listen to all customer comments and find out the best solution for you.

    • How do I get and use a promotion?

      Tùy vào thời điểm, đối tượng khách hàng, TKT Cleaning luôn có chương trình tri ân khách hàng thân thiết, hoặc các nhu cầu lớn. Các chương trình tặng tiền mặt, giảm giá dịch vụ từ 5-20% diễn ra liên tục. Chúng tôi cập nhật thường xuyên qua Fanpage, Zalopage, Google Map. Khi thực hiện hợp đồng, chúng tôi luôn cập nhật với khách hàng được hưởng khuyến mãi tại thời điểm ký hợp đồng.<br />Depending on the events, promotions, the target customers, TKT Cleaning always has promotions to loyal customers, or for big requirements. Cash donation programs, service discounts from 5-20% are held continuously. We update regularly via Fanpage, Zalopage, Google Map. When performing the contract, we always update the customer enjoying the promotion at the time of signing the contract.

    • What if my belongings are damaged?

      TKT Cleaning is very sorry if this problem occurs. If it is confirmed due to the fault of TKT Cleaning staff, we will be responsible for repairing, by the new one for customers.

    • Do I need a deposit for daily cleaning service?

      For Daily cleaning service, since we collect service fee at the end of the month, in the contract we want the customer to support the 1 month service fee to ensure the contract payment. After the service contract ends, we will return the deposit to the customer. Otherwise, you can choose to pay before 10th of the month in order to not have to deposit service fees.

    Why choose TKT Cleaning?

    The reasons more than 5,000 Customers have chosen TKT Cleaning as the cleaning service partner


    Competitive price


    Flexible & Saving

    Our mission

    Bring to the best work environment, the best living environment for our customers with the comprehensive cleaning services high quality, professional and reputation, with the lowest cost. TKT Cleaning gives life simpler, easier for Customers.

    We constantly strive towards the leading position in the field of cleaning criteria:


    • Comprehensive Services
    • Best Quality
    • Professional, Reliable
    • Optimal cost

    What is professional cleaning service?

    • TKT Cleaning always tries our best to improve professionalism in service at all steps of the process: Receiving requests; Surveying situ; Customizing clean plan for each customer;  Making quote; Deploying service; Customer care.
    • Members of TKT Cleaning at each stage of the process are well-trained and have experience in implementation, so they do the right job.

    That’s how we enhance service professionalism. Everyone is doing it right – quickly – precisely with an industrial style.

    What is competitive price?

    • TKT Cleaning has applied many measures to create the cheapest cleaning service prices: Applying of information technology; Improving management efficiency; Being transparent in all activities. Therefore, TKT Cleaning offers cleaning service at best prices.
    • Various competitive service package: Cheap and economical cleaning package; High-class; High-quality cleaning package.

    There will always be a pricing solution for your business.

    What is flexibility and cost saving?

    • TKT Cleaning Company optimizes cleaning service packages for each request, each business you can choose from a cleaning package: General; Package Daily (daily, 8 hours, office time); by day or event
    • TKT Cleaning sincerely consulted and provided the most flexible and economical cleaning solution packages for each project.

    What is comprehensive service?

    • TKT Cleaning provides cleaning solutions for all sizes of projects from small to large, all of your cleaning needs are met by us. Just 1 company to resolve all requirements: commercial, janitorial, residential, industrial cleaning service & maintenance & construction and repairing.
    • TKT Provide cleaning programs for all types of projects:
      • Buildings, offices;
      • Commercial areas, restaurants, shops, chains, supermarkets;
      • Administrative agencies, consulates, embassies;
      • Apartments, house, villas; Hospitals, clinics, spas;
      • Kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities learning, education, training, vocational training center;
      • Entertainment area, gym, yoga, gymnasium, karaoke bar;
      • Factory, warehouse, workshop
    • TKT Cleaning provides cleaning solutions:
      • Deep or 1 time, general cleaning: after construction, after repairing cleaning
      • Carpets, chairs, curtains, mattresses, partitions cleaning
      • Scrubbing hard floors (marble, granite, terrazzo; ceramic tiles ; wood; concrete; cement; vinyl; stainless steel)
      • Glass, alu, aluminum bar, frame, billboard cleaning
      • Deodorizing
    • TKT Cleaning provides maintenance solutions:
      • Polishing, maintenance of Marble floors, Terrazzo, Polished Concrete
      • Sealing hard floor for protection: Marble, Terrazzo, Concrete, Vinyl, Wood, Plastic …
      • Grouting epoxy
    • TKT Cleaning also provides construction solutions:
      • Installating vinyl flooring, anti-static vinyl
      • Installating Concrete floors, Terrazzo
      • Grinding concrete floors

    Latest Cleaning Service Price List 2020 in HCMC

    Cleaning service price for buildings: buildings, offices, factories, warehouses, factories ...

    Prices of industrial cleaning services: deep cleaning; maintenance and maintenance

    Deep cleaning

    Total cleaning (đ/m2)
    6,000 - 20,000

    Glass outside cleaning (đ/m2)
    8,000 - 20,000

    Glass inside cleaning (đ/m2)
    6,000 - 10,000

    Hard floor cleaning (đ/m2)
    3,000 - 17,000

    Carpet cleaning (đ/m2)
    7,000 - 20,000

    Office chairs cleaning (đ/piece)
    8,000 - 30,000

    Sofa cleaning (đ/set)
    300,000 - 600,000

    Wash curtains (đ/kg)
    35,000 - 40,000


    Marble polishing (đ/m2)
    100,000 - 120,000

    Granite Polishing (đ/m2)
    200,000 - 300,000

    Terrazzo polishing (đ/m2)
    150,000 - 200,000

    Concrete polishing (đ/m2)
    60,000 - 120,000

    Sealing hard floor vinyl, wood... (đ/m2)
    30,000 - 80,000

    Sealing Terrazzo floor (đ/m2)
    50,000 - 120,000

    Grouting Epoxy (đ/m)
    60,000 - 120,000

    Waterproofing glass with silicon (đ/m dài)
    60,000 - 120,000

    Summary of price list for deep cleaning, maintenance services

    cleaning service quotation
    cleaning service quotation
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        Cam on TKT Cleaninh đã không quản khó khăn cùng chúng tôi chống dịch

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