What are the difference between Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning

In a lot of scenarios, proper cleaning is very important, but it is possible to do a variety of cleaning services. Primarily, there are two types of cleaning and they are domestic cleaning (or called house cleaning services) and commercial cleaning. So what are the differences between these two types of cleaning?

What are the Main Differences?

The major difference between these two is that:

  • domestic cleaning (house cleaning services) is something that happens in the residential environment
  • while the commercial cleaning is something which happens in business or corporate environment.

A house owner can choose to do their own cleaning or they hire professional cleaners to do their cleaning tasks for them. Business enterprises can also employ their own in-house cleaning team or they can choose to get contract cleaners TKT Cleaning in to help them out.

house cleaning services
Image: house cleaning services

Other differences should consider to compare

There are also other differences, one is that many of the commercial cleaning processes are very different from those which are used around the home. This is partially down to the fact that these cleaning tasks are usually done on a much larger scale. Many of the tools and devices which are used to clean a large business would simply be too powerful for use in a home, and therefore they are never used in a domestic cleanup operation.

Many companies are also requires to meet special health and safety standards if they want to keep their operating license. For example, hospitals must maintain better hygiene levels if they do not want patients to catch illnesses whilst they are being cared for, and food vendors must maintain hygienic atmosphere if they want to be allowed to continue to serve food by the local food standards agency.

For those involved in commercial cleaning, it is very important that these health and safety standards are adhered to, as it could cause serious issues if they are not. With domestic cleaning, homeowners set their own standards, although these standards may be just as high in some cases. However, there are no real standards which must be met as part of a domestic cleaning job. The fact that there are no set standards in domestic cleaning makes it a much easier task for those who are doing it.

commercial cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam
Image: commercial cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam

Commercial cleaning is also required far more regularly than domestic cleaning, because of the large number of employees in the office premises, and the types of activities that go on there, commercial spaces may need thorough cleaning every single day. Most domestic spaces will not need to be fresh as regularly as this.

There are many differences between commercial and domestic cleaning, but you can seek professional assistance to carry out both commercial and domestic cleaning tasks in Ho Chi Minh, you can call TKT Cleaning

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products for Both Commercial and Domestic Spaces

Eco-friendly cleaning products and tactics can be the perfect way to keep your commercial property clean and tidy as well as giving out planet the much-needed helping hand. But swapping some of the hazardous chemicals that your commercial or domestic cleaning service team uses for eco-friendly products can also ease allergies and chemical sensitivities amongst your company staff for a healthier working day.

Check out these products that are completely eco-friendly and recommended by many expert contract cleaners TKT Cleaning.

Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent which is not only hazardous but also highly efficient. Vinegar has been used as a natural sanitizing agent for years and is the basis for many domestic and commercial cleaning products. So, why not use the real thing rather than harsh chemical solutions in your office or commercial environment? Vinegar kills dangerous microbes (such as bacteria) as well as removes lime deposits that are common in a number of electronic appliances in kitchens and office canteen areas.

Baking soda is another household material that can be used for cleaning in commercial environments. It is mostly known for use in baking, but it has found real time applications such as in cleaning, and many professional cleaners use it as cleaning agent even in commercial spaces. Baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate has the ability to neutralize unpleasant odors, de-grease electronic appliances, polish silverware and clean surfaces.

These days, many professional cleaning companies do not charge you when it comes to surveying your office/home premises and provide you with a detailed specification and quote, before the actual work starts.

Contact TKT Cleaning for more details.

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