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Why choose TKT Cleaning ?

We are the leading industrial/commercial/residential cleaning company in Ho Chi Minh City for professional glass cleaning service (glass cleaning service, facade cleaning service) exterior, facade , Alu, Lam Aluminum, Aluminum Frame, Stone Face for Building, High-rise Building, Office, Factory, Commercial Zone, Chain Store, Restaurant … More than 10 years of experience, over 1,000 project Completed, we are proud to be outdoor glass cleaning service SAFE NO.1 , PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE in Ho Chi Minh City

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Full of overhead construction equipment, safety certificates, health insurance certification, liability insurance, exemplary standardized training personnel bring to glass cleaning service BEST PROFESSIONAL

When implementing facade cleaning service , employees always try hard, carefully and meticulously on each meter of glass, each frame of glass, regardless of wind, sun, height and temperature. You not only get good service, you also get SATISFACTION.

Careful supervision from building surveying, glass cleaning, ensures health of cleaning glass on high, careful in all operations. That is SAFE philosophy No. 1 in glass cleaning service us.

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Welcome to TKT Cleaning

We are the specialist of high-class external glass cleaning for nearly 10 years.

By using the most modern equipment and facilities, with smart and creative approaches, TKT cleaning has surpassed all of the tallest, most difficult to clean high-rise buildings. With TKT Cleaning glass cleaning service, your glasses will be cleaned and cared for best.

Safe – professional – dedicated is what we always strive for.

You will get the best facade cleaning service from TKT Cleaning!

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Professional Equipment

TKT Cleaning uses equipment and tools to support the high rise glass cleaning: crane, self-propelled forklift, elevator, swing rope, scaffold … The most common and flexible method is to swing the glass overhead use the best power cord lock, safety lock … in Vietnam. European glass-cleaning and glass-cleaning devices help clean glass shiny and transparent.

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Environmental friendly chemicals

“Green, Eco” is the target of TKT Cleaning glass cleaning service. Use only MSDS-safe chemicals, do not irritate the skin, do not corrode the glass frame, alu, alumina … With special requirements, we have standardized cleaning chemicals Biological, friendly and not harmful to the environment.

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Choose the Best for Your Building Glass

TKT Cleaning brings cleanliness to every glass panel of the building and office. That will be the place to show your building class with customers and partners. The cleanness of each plate of the outer glass, logo, signs will create absolute trust in partners and customers.

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “Ms. Lan” author_title = “Maritime Bank account manager, District 1” ] I used TKT Cleaning’s waterproof silicon glass and shot cleaning service. We are satisfied. The glass is very clear, the areas soaked by aging silicon have been corrected. [/testimonial]

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “Brother” author_title = “Purchasing Manager, Dong A Bank , Tan Binh “] Their office building glass is dusty for a long time, initially we did not think the glass cleaning service could clean it. We asked TKT Cleaning to test demo 1 glass line. TKT Cleaning has enthusiastically done and we are pleased. We have been using TKT Cleaning during the past 3 years [/testimonial]

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “Ms Minh” author_title = “Platium Global Service Manager, District 7”] TKT Cleaning’s glass cleaning service convinced us to lead by serious work. They are close to the high-rise glass cleaning price until the preparation of high-rise glass cleaning tools. That leads to the cleanliness of our building glass on the Q7. I am very pleased and use the 2nd year in a row [/testimonial]

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “Anh Duc” author_title = “Head of An Phu Apartment Management, District 2”] Security service TKT Cleaning’s professional condominium has convinced the entire condominium management and residents here. We have cleaned 4 apartment blocks after 5 years without cleaning the building glass [/testimonial

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “Anh Hai” author_title = “Adora Wedding Director, Go Vap “] TKT Cleaning’s professional glass cleaning service used crane trucks to clean our wedding restaurant glass. Due to the special building structure, it is impossible to swing the glass to clean the glass. I confirm they are very professional building glass [/testimonial]

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “My Sister” author_title = “Financial manager, HCMC University of Information, Thu Duc”] TKT Cleaning must be the cheapest window cleaning service I know, but the best high-rise glass cleaning service in HCMC I know. Glass workers are dedicated and work harder than we think. They have done proper glass cleaning [/testimonial]

[testimonial width = “1/3” author = “Ms Linh” author_title = “Project management, Savills, District 3”] Glass cleaning of tall buildings is always hard work. We have selected a lot of glass cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City, but our customers are still not really satisfied. When we found TKT Cleaning high-rise glass cleaning service, we knew we had made the right choice.[/testimonial]

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By Safety – Professional – Dedicated, we bring the highest Satisfaction to Customers. Our motto, You Only Pay Glass Cleaning Service when 100% Satisfied.

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Many glass cleaning service

Why choose TKT Cleaning ?

Being loved and appreciated by thousands of customers in Ho Chi Minh City, it is the motivation for TKT Cleaning to continue to improve and improve services better. That is a commitment from us. Continuous Improvement to bring the best value to Customers.

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The cheapest high-rise glass cleaning price only from 8,000 đ/m2 for the building Large area of over 10,000m2 and construction by method of swinging glass cleaning wire.
For other glass areas, please refer to the Quotes preliminary building as follows:


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  • Account name CT CP TM & DV TKTG
  • Account number: 0071000681875, Branch Vietcombank Ham Nghi, Ward Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Video TKT Cleaning Service

The video introduces an overview of TKT Cleaning services to clean glass, typical works and customers.

Video: Glass cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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