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Image: Marble Granite Stone Floor Polishing Service
Image: Marble Granite Stone Floor Polishing Service

1. The Top1™ natural stone polishing service in HCMC ️🎯

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Many natural stone polishing service

Why chose TKT Cleaning ?

We are a leading company in Ho Chi Minh City specialized in Stone Polishing services (Floors, Stairs, Walls, Decoration, Bar, Table, Kitchen – Countertop) for natural stones Marble, Granite, LimeStone, Travertine; or Terrazzo, Granito, and grindstone; or decorated concrete floor for Building, Commercial Area, Office, Factory, Shop, Villa, Town, Luxury Apartment … More than 10 years of experience, more than 1,000 Projects have been completed, We are proud to be HIGH-TECH Natural Stone Polishing Service – PROFESSIONAL – RELIABLE in Ho Chi Minh City

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Full industrial large-scale stone grinding equipment and small-scale portable. Application of diverse imported stone polishing chemicals to handle each type of stone separately, each error, different problems on stone. With TKT Cleaning, you will find the Professional Polishing Natural Stone Service


When implementing stone polishing service , our counselors always give sincere advice, find the most economical solution for investors and customers. We only quote exactly what you need to do. You not only get good service, you also have the sincerity of your friends.


We have more than 10 years of experience in Stone Polishing Services on a variety of paving stones, interior decoration from Natural Marble, Granite, Lime Stone, Travertine, to modern Terrazzo and Concrete stones. decorative … Or ancient stones such as Granito, Grindstone, Brick…

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Welcome to TKT Cleaning

You will get Best Polishing Stone Service from TKT Cleaning!

We are experts in the high-tech Stone floor polishing service that have been operating for nearly 10 years.

By using the world’s most advanced polishing equipment, combined with the world’s top imported imported polishing powder, sealing, wet-looking & waterproofing chemicals, TKT cleaning has overcome many challenges with hard projects. With polish natural stone floor service from TKT Cleaning , your stone will be polished, restored, and cared for best.

High technology – Professional – Sincere is what we always strive for.

Natural stone polishing service TKT Cleaning with modern equipment

Modern equipment

TKT Cleaning uses diverse stone grinding equipment: 16 disc grinding machine, 12 discs (200-250kg), single disk polishing machine (120kg), stair stone polishing, angle grinder, high speed polishing machine … With flexible polishing methods combined with large machine, small machine, high/low speed, alloy grinding blade, synthetic plastic blade,diamond pad, blade to increase glossiness, super gloss .. We will always have a solution for your natural stone.

Natural stone polish service with good compounds

Good compounds

Use only MSDS-safe chemicals, not irritating to the skin, not corrosive, safe for the user .. Extremely diverse chemicals are carefully selected by TKT Cleaning for polishing service your stone: polishing, increasing glossiness, waterproofing, sealer, hardening, color enhancer, penetrator, impregnator…or without polishing chemical (powder), only use polishing pad. With the experience of using chemicals, there will always be some answers for your stones.

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Choose the Best for Your Interior and Exterior stone

TKT Cleaning brings shiny, fresh, classy, long-lasting beauty for floor tiles, wall tiles, interior and exterior decoration of villas, luxury apartments, commercial areas, companies, offices, factory … It will be the place to show your building, office with customers, partners, friends. The adjustment, the polished stone creates the absolute trust in partners, customers and the pride of the owner with friends.

10 🏅

Experience Years

5,000 💑

Happy Customers

1,000 💖

Projects Done

nhân viên dọn dẹp nhà cửa TKT CLeaning


I used TKT polishing service, very satisfied. Your staff work enthusiastically and professionally

Ms. Duong, Parkson Building Manager, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City


The Lavender Hotel at Le Loi street, district 1 receives a lot of foreign tourists every day. We need the marble stone floor to be always shine and clean. We use TKT stone maintenance service for every month. Very satisfied and would recommend to you

Ms. Chi, Head of Lavender Hotel, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Our Eastin Grand Hotel in district 3, Ho Chi Minh City needs extremely high standards of natural stone floor and bars. We have used TKT polishing and restoring service for over 2 years and are always satisfied with the dedication. They work at night from 9pm to 4am while still having fun. Very good polishing quality

Ms. Lan, Head of Eastin hotel Service, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City


I get a price list of polishing services after just one phone call. The natural polishing service of TKT is very professional. After that, I continued to use the daily floor caring service, and was very satisfied.

Ms. Minh, Thao Dien Pearl District 2, Ho Chi Minh City


Among the polishing stone service in Ho Chi Minh City, I find TKT an excellent company. TKT polishing service is very fast, professional with specialized equipment. They polish my company granite floor in just 3 day with a total of more than 400m2 of floor

Anh Huy, Assistant Director of Abetta, Thu Duc City


TKT Polishing service’s staff is very hard-working and professional. They polish our marble floor in my village in Thao Dien District 2 with very dedicated service. My husband, wife and children are very satisfied. They speak English well, so we did not have any difficulty in communicating at all.

Mr Thomas, Green Parkaging, Thao Dien, Q2

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Need Advice on Stone Care and Polishing Service

  • Sales: ☎️
  • Customer Service Care: ☎️ 028.66.830.930 or 028.66.830.931
  • Email: 📩info@tktg.vn

By Safety – Professional – Dedicated, we bring the highest Satisfaction to Customers. Our commitment, You Only Pay Stone Polishing Service when 100% Satisfied.

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Many Natural Stone Polishing Services

Why choose TKT

Being loved and appreciated by thousands of customers in Ho Chi Minh City, it is the motivation for TKT Cleaning to continue to improve and improve services better. That is a commitment from us. Continuous Improvement to bring the best value to Customers.

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Nhân viên dọn dẹp nhà cửa TPHCM của TKT Cleaning

TKT Cleaning hopes to serve customers in Ho Chi Minh City 2021 ☎

2. Online house cleaning service quote

2.1. What factors do house cleaning prices depend on?

  • The area of ​​houses, works (large area, unit price will be low and vice versa)
  • Type (general cleaning after construction, periodic cleaning of the house, general cleaning 1 time)
  • Furniture in the house (the higher the price)
  • The positions require cleaning on the high, outer surface
  • Construction method: scaffolding, rope swing, crane …
  • Special requirements: sterilization, hot steam treatment, bio-technology chemicals, natural …

2.2. Scope of task cleaning

📢📢📢: With basic task we can offer online cleaning service price below. With extra cleaning task we need survey before send the final quote.

2.2.1. Basic task of house cleaning service

  • The interior on high: ceilings, lights, windows, shutters, terraces, air-conditioning units, skylights, overhead decorative lights and overhead architectural structures.
  • Equipment, interior: bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathing room.
  • Common areas inside: cleaning windows, doors, stairs, railings, toilets.
  • Floor: scrubbing all floor.
  • Surrounding area: fences, gardens, corridors, paths, yard cleaning, corridors, walkways; wipe the fence.

2.2.2. Additional task of house cleaning service if required.

  • Clean The air conditioner (if required)
  • Wash Carpet, sofa, mattress, and curtain (if required)
  • Disinfect house (if required)
  • Polish stone floor (if required)
  • Clean the exterior: cleaning the walls, glass doors, alu, aluminum bars, signboards, decorative architecture … outside, on the house. Often have to use scaffolding, swinging spiders to clean the outside of the house. Sometimes it is necessary to use elevators, forklifts with villas difficult to clean the exterior. (if required)
  • Lawn mowing (if required)
  • Pest control: Mosquito and insect spray (if required)

2.3. House cleaning price for basic task

💲 The cheapest general cleaning price is only 15,000 VND / m2 💲

💰 Some of the following home areas may be suitable for your family. 💰

  • Area <80 m2: Package 1,800,000 VND / package
  • 80 – 100 m2: Unit price 21,000 VND / m2
  • 100 – 120 m2: Unit price 20,500 VND / m2
  • 120 – 140 m2: Unit price of 20,000 VND / m2
  • 140 – 160 m2: Unit price 19,500 VND / m2
  • 160 – 180 m2: Unit price 19,000 VND / m2
  • 180 – 200 m2: Unit price 18,500 VND / m2
  • 200 – 220 m2: Unit price 18,000 VND / m2
  • 220 – 240 m2: Unit price 17,500 VND / m2
  • 240 – 260 m2: Unit price of 17,400 VND / m2
  • 260 – 280 m2: Unit price 17,300 VND / m2
  • 280 – 300 m2: Unit price 17,200 VND / m2
  • 300 – 320 m2: Unit price 17,000 VND / m2
  • 320 – 340 m2: Unit price 16,800 VND / m2

💰 For larger areas please refer to below 👇👇👇👇


<80 m2


300 m2


100 m2


400 m2


200 m2


500 m2

Online house cleaning quote detailed by m2

Need a more detailed and standard quotation for your reference? It’s easy, in less than 30 seconds, you’ll be there. 👇👇👇👇

Please contact TKT Cleaning to get the most complete advice

3. Make an appointment for a home cleaning survey

Make a survey appointment so that we can give you detailed advice and accurate quotes.

Please contact TKT Cleaning to get free advice

4. Promotions

TKT Cleaning always has promotion programs to thank customers who use cleaning services for houses, villas, apartments … regularly:

⭐ 5% discount

For First Time Customer Use

⭐⭐ 10% discount

For Customers Using Second Time

⭐⭐⭐ 15% discount

For Customers Using Quarterly

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 20% discount

For Customers For Monthly Use

🔔 And many promotions and events are updated every month at Fanpage, Gmappage and Landingpage of TKT Cleaning. Don’t miss out here:

  1. ❤️ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/congtyvesinhtphcm/
  2. ❤️ Gmappage: https://g.page/congtyvesinhtphcm
  3. ❤️ Landingpage: https://tktg.vn/en/services/residential-cleaning-service/

Please contact TKT Cleaning to get the most complete advice

5. Video introduces home cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City

Watch the residential cleaning service video to know more about our work

🎬 Service introduction

🎬 Cleaning in the House of Love for the Women’s House:

🎬 Cleaning in the House of Love for the Man’s House:

🎬 General cleaning of villas, houses

🎬 Carpet, mattress, sofa cleaning

6. House cleaning service FAQs

Question 1: Does TKT Cleaning include house-moving service?

💡 Answer: TKT Cleaning currently only provides house cleaning services, including work items related to cleaning, cleaning your home. However, we have relocation partners that can assist you.

❓ Question 2: Does TKT Cleaning provide cleaning service on Tet holiday?

💡 Answer: TKT Cleaning would like to thank customers who book in advance for their services, especially the New Year cleaning service, which helps TKT Cleaning to serve customers better.

Question 3: Does TKT Cleaning provide hourly housekeeping services?

💡 Answer: Currently TKT Cleaning provides hourly office cleaning service, but does not provide this service for families. However, you can use TKT Cleaning’s periodic home cleaning service to deep clean your accommodation. You will be completely assured because the house is cleaned up to the corner, or cleaned of bacteria and viruses with the steam sterilization system or biotechnology chemicals.

Question 4: Is the price list for house cleaning services online correct?

💡 Answer: TKT Cleaning always tries to create the most convenience for customers using the service with the most accurate Online house cleaning service prices possible. True from 80 – 100% fact. However, to be completely accurate, we need to survey and advise customers at the project to agree. Then we will give the final price list for customers to choose the most accurate service.

Question 5: What is the address of a cleaning service company in Ho Chi Minh City that I can trust?

💡 Answer: TKT Cleaning is a house cleaning service company that has been operating for more than 10 years in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An and neighboring provinces. More than 5,000 Customers have served for the past 10 years. We are proud to be the most loved Top10 in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to its professionalism, modernity and service attitude for customers. You can completely trust on TKT Cleaning’s HCMC home cleaning service.

Question 6: How long do I need to notify TKT Cleaning for the survey?

💡 Answer: For newly built house cleaning services, it is best for surveying that after the construction and interiors have finished their jobs. At the same time, all construction waste (damaged, unused materials …) are removed from the building. To achieve the highest efficiency and save costs, TKT Cleaning will advise customers to perform house cleaning services after construction when there are no construction teams in operation. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs.

Question 7: Can I request more specialized cleaning services such as: carpet cleaning, glass cleaning, disinfection, stone floor polishing? And how much does it cost?

💡 Answer: You can refer to TKT Cleaning’s intensive cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, glass cleaning, stone floor polishing, house disinfection … and the cost is detailed in the articles about the services. intensive cleaning. When you need to clean your home with additional in-depth services, let us know from the outset for the best preparation.

Question 8: Cleaning service fee for foreigner is equal with local house.

💡 Answer: We do not make any difference to serve Vietnamese and foreigners living and working in Vietnam. The service price for everyone is the same. So you are completely safe to use the service.

7. Customers evaluate service quality

💖 Please leave us sincere comments about service quality. This allows us to serve you better next time. Your feedback is very valuable and our hapiness. Thank in advance for any feedback. 💖

Please post your comments below 👇👇👇👇👇


8. Request a Free consultation

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Depending on the type of stone, the area of stone to be polished, the unit price will change. The cheapest natural stone polishing service price will be for big areas. For details, please see the following:

Stone polishing service price with a specific area please fill out the information below to receive a quote.

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9. Payment Services Grinding Stone Service Online

You can pay the service fee stone polished by Online bank transfer Online to us instead of paying in cash the following information:

  • Account: CT CP TM & DV TKTG
  • Number Account: 0071000681875, Branhs: Vietcombank Ham Nghi, Ben Nghe Ward, Distric 1, Ho Chi Minh City

10. TKT stone polishing service videos

Video introducing TKT Cleaning service of stone floor polishing and actual projects

Video: Marble Polishing at Takashimaya District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Video: Marble Stone Polishing at Dat Xanh Group Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Video: Natural stone polishing at Vincom Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Video: Concrete, terrazzo stone polishing

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