Periodical office cleaning service is an indispensable annual service to clean up deeply, comprehensively your office. However, maybe you do not know, or understand specifically, what is total office cleaning? What do they do? How is the cost of periodic office cleaning calculated.

With TKT Company to find out the most detailed and thorough information about periodic office cleaning in Ho chi Minh City in 2024

1. What is periodic office cleaning?

When do you need total office cleaning?

Offices may still be using cleaning staff, daily office cleaning, or hourly office cleaning services, but this only helps clean the outside of the office and maintains hygiene at acceptable level.

However, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual, or special occasions such as birthday’s company, welcome partner, General meeting of shareholders … the office will need deep, comprehensive, from high to low cleaning, from inside to outside, from top to bottom, from seeing to not seeing, all the corners…

This general office cleaning cleaning, helps the office clean like new, removes hidden, overhead, or invisible stains. This helps the office to welcome new opportunities, create a new and clean environment to help employees work comfortably, confidently and healthily.

What is the routine cleaning of the office?

The following periodical table of general cleaning tasks with illustrated images will help you understand the detailed work items. For a complete and easy-to-understand list, they will go high and low with illustrations.

Sanitation of Inside Area Office

  • Cleaning ceilings, chandeliers, lights, lighting fixtures
  • Clean the air conditioner, air conditioner, air conditioner
  • Clean the shelves of shelves, roofs, signs, logos inside the office
  • Cleaning curtain leaves, fabric blinds, window blinds, decorative blinds …
  • Clean windows, high decorative lines
  • Clean partition, working table
  • Office chair cleaning
  • Office carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning stairs, handrails
  • Scrub the office floor
  • Polishing natural stone floor Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete…
  • Plastic floor coverings, wooden floors, artificial, Vinyl
  • Office disinfection

Please see the actual office cleaning images of the TKT Company to better understand the items.

Periodic cleaning of the office not only cleans the inside of the office but also many items related to the outside of the office. List of cleaning items outside the office are listed below:

Periodically clean the area outside the office

  • Cleaning the terrace
  • Clean the wall
  • Wipe off the glass outside the office
  • Polishing the stone floor, refreshing ron
  • Spray yard, remove moss mold
  • Cleaning signs, billboards

With the listing of office cleaning items and accompanying illustrations, TKT Company hopes you understand how periodic office cleaning items are. Those are jobs where the daily cleaner or office maids will not have enough time, skills, equipment to clean. Please revise TKT Company is one of your Periodic office cleaning contractor.

2. Why choose TKT Company? Periodical cleaning service?

Our mission

Bring the best working environment and living environment to the Office with comprehensive cleaning services of high quality, professional, prestige, with the lowest cost. TKT Company brings the cleanest workspace, even if you don’t see it.

We are constantly striving to take the leading position in the field of hygiene with the following criteria:

  • Comprehensive service
  • Best quality
  • Professional, reputable
  • Best cost

3. Quotation of periodical office cleaning services in HCMC 2024

Due to periodic office cleaning, there are many categories with completely different ways of quotes. Therefore, each office with its different needs can choose flexible service packages according to their requirements.

For a detailed quote on each of the general office cleaning items, please refer to the following link:

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