The most detailed and complete price list for Residential Cleaning Services will help you estimate the price when you need to clean your houses, apartments, villas in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020


  1. What includes housing cleaning services?
  2. Residential cleaning quotes for once time cleaning/deeply cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City In 2020
  3. Hourly cleaning service quotes
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1. What includes housing cleaning services?

Simply named as residential cleaning, but includes many different services. Understanding this, you will easily read the price list of housing cleaning services.

Usually housing cleaning services are divided into two main categories:

  • Once time residential cleaning service (also called general cleaning, deeply cleaning or totally cleaning):
    • Cleaning new houses (after-building/after construction cleaning): your home has just been built, you will need an industrial cleaning service like TKT Cleaning to help you move after construction to clean up all construction stains like dust, paint water, baits, wall paint, cement on ceilings, walls, floors, windows, glass doors, doors … Sometimes your family needs cleaning with more difficult requirements such as: outside glass, overhead lights, overhead decoration items in skylights …. Hygienic after construction prices will often be higher than regular house cleaning due to the complexity of the project.
    • Cleaning houses periodically (6-12 months/ time): your house after longtime using will often has a lot of dirt on high, slots, corners … It’s so hard to clean by yourself because of high and too much furniture. Therefore, you will take risk of pollution, bad air to your family member’s health. Periodically home cleaning usually includes: sweeping away dust, walls, beds, corners, hidden corners, overhead. Scrub the floor and stairs. And especially, carpet cleaning service, curtain, mattress and cushion cleaning. Or more advanced is the whole family air disinfection service.
    • House cleaning services fee is included in one package per time.You want to know how much to charge for deep cleaning a house? Please see detail below.
  • Daily cleaning service (also called hourly housekeeping service).
    • Cleaning Service Company like TKT Cleaning will provide daily/hourly cleaning maids to help your family clean regularly by sweeping, cleaning as simple as you do everyday. For deep cleaning will not including
    • House cleaning service fees will be charged by the hour, and collected at the end of each month

For each request, different housing cleaning services will have a corresponding price list. Please see below for a detailed price list.

2. House cleaning price list in Ho Chi Minh, 2020, deep or once time cleaning

The cost of cleaning the house once is highly dependent on the amount of work and complexity.

Post-construction house cleaning prices are often from 15,000 to 20,000 đ/m2 (calculated by floor area)

Residential cleaning prices periodically 6,000 – 15,000 đ/m2 (calculated by floor area)

However, if the housing area is too small, usually the house cleaning price list will be charged at least from VND 1 million or more per time of total cleaning.

Details of each item of hygiene please see the table below.

Package cleaning service price = total cleaning price (according to floor area) + other special requirements such as (cleaning glass on the top, outside), washing carpets, chairs, mattresses, cushions, polishing stairs , stone floor…

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3. House cleaning service quotes by hour

TKT Cleaning is a leading company in HCMC providing hourly and daily cleaning staff. Please quote the following hourly housekeeping service:

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4. House Cleaning Cost Calculator in Ho Chi Minh City 2020, Online 100% Free

Fill out the information below and you will receive the most detailed residential quotation.

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5. Customer review about residential cleaning Quotes of TKT Cleaning

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