Factory cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh

Factory Cleaning Service (Plant cleaning service) in Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An: Modern equipment – advanced technology – Standards Process – Environmentally friendly chemicals

You are looking a professional factory cleaning service (or called plant cleaning service) including:

  • General cleaning of buildings, including plant production areas, work areas
  • Cleaning items as: scanning, vacuuming, cleaning floors, epoxy floor. Mark clean, polished, glossy factory floor.
  • Cleaning items on high, hidden corner: toilet glass factories, workshops sweep cobwebs, cleaning the chimney, toilet signs, logos on high, toilet outside gas pipeline system, water…

TKT Cleaning, with experience in implementing plant cleaning services for the leading partner in Vietnam:

  • Masan Group (Dĩ An – Bình Dương industial zone), CISCO5 (Minh Hưng, Bình Phước industrial zone)…
  • The leading factory from forein investor: Japan(Rhoto, Nitto Denko…), Korea, USA(Johnson & Johnson…), Korea… at Việt Nam Singapore VSIP I,II Binh Duong Province.

We hope to become a close partner with customers in industrial plant cleaning services

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Factory cleaning service - TKT Cleaning

Image: Factory cleaning service – TKT Cleaning


1. Plant and factory cleaning service introduction

TKT Cleaning’s customers need factory cleaning service when:

  • After construction.
  • Quarterly and annual
  • General cleaning after a long time period used for quality certification: ISO9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, environment: ISO 14001, ISO 12100, OHSAS 18000… or visit welcome partners or investors.
ve sinh cha san nha xuong

Image: clean plant floor using scrubber machine

For plants, factories after a long time of operation, the general characteristics of the stains are: mixed types of stains – thick layer of dirt – long click – no cramped space clean – location in many corners and on high.

For factories, building factories after remaining stains bulk cement, plaster, paint… on the surface of the concrete floor, epoxy floor, floor tiles, walls, doors work, the road steam pipes, water… and should be thoroughly cleaned before being put into use.

For each request of customers, the company will have disabilities toilet cleaning processes consistent with modern equipment, chemicals and reasonable technical team, experienced workers to complete processing successful and effective in the shortest time.

ve sinh nha xuong nha may

Image: factory cleaning service

2. Plant and factory cleaning service process

Process of plant cleaning must comply with the rules in general cleaning works are: from top to bottom, from inside out, from far to near, from dirty to clean.

Perform cleaning to divide the items to apply the appropriate cleaning procedures and effective.

  • External areas: the area around the plant perimeter, driveway, parking, guard
ve sinh khu vuc ngoai canh

Image: Exteranl areas of factory

  • Office area:
    • Entrance, reception area, main lobby, hallway, pantry.
    • Meeting room, office area
    • Cantin Area
    • Amusement parks, cafes, gyms
    • Zone restroom, male, female
ve sinh khu nha xuong san xuat

Image : Plant cleaning

  • Laboratory, Room R & D, QA, QC, goods inspection area
  • Area import, warehouse, goods
  • Plant area:
    • Walkway between the conveyor
    • Production Lines
    • The system offers
  • The special area (should have special cleaning process): sample room, cutting and packaging of sterile, clean room production, electrostatic prevention…
ve sinh khu san xua tai nha may nha xuong

Hình ảnh: vệ sinh khu sản xuất tại nhà máy nhà xưởng

3. Equipment and chemicals for plant cleaning service

Machines used factory cleaning:

  • Scrubber, scrubber conjugate, floor polishers, carpet cleaning machines
  • Vacuum powerful industrialized countries (2.000 to 4.000 w)
  • Air pressure washer 140 – 160bar
  • Blower floor carpet
  • Complete set of equipment, scaffolding, ladders mopping cobwebs on high.
  • Housekeeping: car clear water, wet jute, jute dust…
may ve sinh nha xuong nha may

Image: machines for factory cleaning

Chemical used for industrial plant cleaning services:

  • Chemical for floor, floor polishers, floor looms
  • Specialty Chemicals for the toilet area
  • Chemicals Glass Cleaner
  • Degreasing chemical food processing areas
  • Industrial degreasing chemicals in plants
hoa chat ve sinh

Image: Chemical for factory cleaning

4. Quotation of factory cleaning service

Please quote preliminary industrial cleaning services as follows:

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Please video about factory cleaning service of TKT Cleaning

TKT Cleaning, We are eager to become long-term partners of our customers with commercial and industrial cleaning services

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