Total cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh

1. Professional total cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh

TKT Cleaning would like to introduce to our customers about GENERAL CLEANING SERVICES (or called TOTAL CLEANING SERVICE, or DEEPLY CLEANING SERVICE) perform all types of works:

  • Large buildings: buildings, office buildings, business parks, factories, factories, factories, universities, apartment …
  • Medium buildings: cinemas, hotels, office buildings less than 10 storeys, schools, banks …
  • Small buildings: offices, small businesses, cafes, shops, villas, apartments, houses, homes …

General sanitation services is often applied after construction for the newly completed works; overall cleaning every 6 months, 1 year, total cleaning service can include:

  • Cleaning the outside of buildings (facades cleaning): glass, alu, aluminum frame, aluminum spokes, hand built stone (Marble, Granite …) cleaning
  • The general cleaning including from above down low with all items inside:
    • Cleaning ceiling, ceiling cobwebs scanning, cleaning overhead lights, ceiling fans ….
    • Cleaning windows, interior glass doors, partitions, walls, toilet, air conditioning, air conditioning …
    • Cleaning floors, cleaning, scrubbing the floor or natural stone floor polishing
    • Cleaning of all rooms: living room, bedroom, dining room, toilet …
    • Carpet cleaning, chair cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning.
Total cleaning service is a field strengths of the TKT company with professional investors in modern sanitary equipment, advanced chemicals, cleaning procedures and standards for responsible sanitation workers, take pancreas. That’s why so many customers, foreign partners, as well as selected our general cleaning service:
  • Corporations, big companies in Vietnam: Agribank, Techcombank, Mbbank, Masan Group Corporation, Saigon Port, Vietnam News Agency …
  • Foreign companies: Japanese companies (Rohto, Nitto Denko, Tokyo Delie …), the U.S. (Johnson and Johnson …), Korea (Tous Les Jours, Yajkin Intertex), Taiwan (Packson Flemington …)…
  • General cleaning of hundreds of high-end apartments in: Saigon Pearl, The Manor, City Garden Bình Thạnh; Hoang Anh Gia Lai, The Vista District 2; Sky Garden District 7…
  • And thousands of villas, apartments, condominiums … in Ho Chi minh

TKT Cleaning are looking forward to serving our customers with total cleaning services professional, high quality and unbeatable prices.

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Total cleaning service in Ho chi minh City - General or Deeply cleaning Service

Image: Total cleaning service in Ho chi minh City – General cleaning or deeply cleaning


2. Total cleaning procedure

Depending on the requirements and the extent of sanitary requirements, we have the appropriate sanitation procedures that are tailored to the specific requirements.

Generally, general cleaning of works is divided into 2 types (not in terms of size and type of works): total cleaning of the building in use and total cleaning of the building after construction.

For works in use: procedures often involve the cleaning of long term stains on ceilings, walls, floors, exterior and interior glass, toilet, yard, garden … or chair washing, carpet cleaning Or kill insects, disinfection works. Or it could be related to the restoration of polished Marble, Granite … or Vinyl flooring, tile floor ….

For newly constructed works: The post-construction sanitation process involves paint, lime, mortar stains on the walls, walls, ceilings, floors, toilets.

For each specific request, we will send to you the details of the most appropriate Sanitation Process.

3. Total cleaning service quotation

TKT Cleaning would like to show you about general cleaning service quotation as below:

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Customer feedback about general cleaning service TKT

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