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? Leading office carpet cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An In 2024: Carpet cleaning technology: ✅ Kill 99.99% harmful bacteria ✅ Standard process ✅ Modern equipment ✅ Japanese safe detergent ?

1. Introduce TKT carpet cleaning service

? Are companies, offices, cinemas, cafes, theaters, hotels, commercial areas … wishing to wash office carpets? Please contact TKT carpet cleaning company.

? TKT Company carpet cleaning chemicals used are certified Safety. CSDS (Chemical Safety Data Sheet) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

? Moreover, TKT Company provides commercial carpet cleaning service with carpet cleaning technology help kill 99.99% harmful bacteria. Use unique disinfectant chemicals. Not only will the carpet work like a New Carpet, but it will also help to kill the disease.

? Not only that, for the first time in Vietnam, we applied insecticidal and anti-insect chemicals (aphids, ticks, fleas, lice and other pests) imported from the US. Products meet the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA – U.S Environmental Protection Agency). Approved and recommended use by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

? Peace of mind: clean bacteria – kill insects. ?

office carpet cleaning service
Image: office carpet cleaning service of TKT Company – Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

? With experience of performing large office carpet cleaning from 500 – 4,000m2 in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An … including:

A technology company with many employees and large carpet area, constructed in a short time including the holiday season: FPT, Cho Tot, Zing, VNG (Vinagame), GameLoft, Uber …

?  Bank with many branches: Techcombank, Sacombank, Agrigank …

? Foreign companies with the most strict requirements: Japan (Rhoto, Nitto Denko …), South Korea (Lotte, CJ …), USA (Uber, Talisman, Johnson & Johnson, Harley Davidson …) …

? Our customers

khách hàng dịch vụ giặt thảm văn phòng tkt cleaning

⭐ We offer a Unique, Professional carpet cleaning service at unbeatable prices. ⭐

Please contact TKT office carpet cleaning service for a free consultation and quote in 2024

TKT office carpet cleaning prevent harmful factors in carpet
Image: TKT office carpet cleaning prevent harmful factors in carpet

2. Get rid of bacteria with TKT Company carpet cleaning service

? We understand that the carpet, with its porous structure, can hold moisture and water. Therefore carpets are the preferred medium for BACTERIA. Especially with the tropical, hot and humid weather of Vietnam, the carpet could be a giant “nest” of bacteria, where our office workers still have to contact for hours and days throughout the year.

? More scientifically, the carpet may contain some types of bacteria that can cause serious health problems such as Norovirut, Samonella, Kawasaki Sydrome, Campylobacter … can make you allergic, diarrhea. , stomach, vomiting …

? So is there any way to prevent this? Offices should vacuum carpets weekly, and wash carpets monthly, quarterly and year to remove these harmful bacteria.

? Understanding this, TKT Company provides a unique office carpet cleaning service with 99.99% (Disinfectant substances), Kills bed bugs.

⭐ With professional and unique carpet cleaning service of TKT Company, office workers will have comfortable working moments, confidently sitting, lying, contacting … working by office carpets. ⭐

Carpet store many harmful factors
Image: Carpet store many harmful factors

3. Office carpet cleaning step-by-step

TKT Carpet cleaning service applies the cleaning process recommended by carpet manufacturers especially for the offices:

3.1. Step ❶: Clean up and arrange empty space before washing carpets

  • Check the safety of equipment.
  • Move furniture before washing as much as possible.
  • Check that the edges of the carpet are firmly attached to the floor.
Bước 1: dọn dẹp mặt bằng giặt thảm
Images: step 1 – arrange empty space to wash carpets

3.2. Step ❷: Vacuum the overall carpet before removing spots or washing the carpet

  • Vacuuming: vacuuming the carpets, this process makes washing carpets much faster and more efficient.
  • The carpet vacuuming process helps detect severe stains, preventing the spread of heavy stains.
  • Makeup remover: Use chemical spot remover to remove stains on the surface before using a carpet scrubber (using a hand brush or a hand scrubber to treat stains). This is a process of carpet eradication, which requires a lot of experience from the cleaning staff.
Step 2 - Vacuum the overall carpet before removing spots and washing the carpet
Images: Step 2 – Vacuum the overall carpet before removing spots and washing the carpet

3.3. Step ❸: Remove the spot to treat heavy stain on the carpet

  • This step uses a special carpet spot remover to clean long-lasting stains or rubber stains on carpets.
  • The step of cleaning up heavy stains on carpets requires meticulous and careful.
Step 3 - Removing spots on the carpet to treat heavy stains
Step 3 – Removing spots on the carpet to treat heavy stains

3.4. Step ❹: Prepare carpet detergent

  • Depending on the degree of clean or dirty carpet, the chemical to clean the carpet in the appropriate proportion.
  • This step requires carpet cleaning staff to be skilled and flexible
Step 4 - washing carpet cleaning with detergent
Step 4 – washing carpet cleaning with detergent

3.5. Step ❺: Spray carpet cleaning chemicals

  • In order for chemicals to have time to work with stains and dislodge them, it takes time for carpet cleaning chemicals to work. This is like if you soak your clothes, it will be easier to wash them.
Step 5 - Spray carpet cleaning chemicals
Step 5 – Spray carpet cleaning chemicals

3.6. Step ❻: clean carpets with equipment on a large area

  • Always test carpet cleaning chemicals before washing. If there is no reaction, continue to wash. Avoid leaving stains around when bleaching. Only use specialized and imported chemicals to wash carpets.
  • Mix 99.99% bactericidal chemicals with dedicated carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • Use a multi-function scrubber with a brush to wash carpets.
  • If you still see the carpet is not clean, wash it 2-3 times completely.
  • Use a hand brush, hand scrub to wash the corners, walls and places carpet washing machines can not access.
Step 6 - Performing Office Carpet Cleaning service on a large area
Step 6 – Performing Carpet Cleaning service on a large area

3.7. Step ❼: Dry the carpet with an industrial water vacuum

  • Dry cleaning: Use a special washing machine to dry the carpet, remove about 80% of the moisture in the carpet
  • This step helps to remove all stains and chemicals. This is a very important step when washing office carpets
Bước 7 - Hút khô lại thảm văn phòng
Step 7 – Vacuum dry carpet

3.8. Step ❽: Blow the carpet dry completely

  • Use a large-capacity scraper to dry carpets. Ensure the carpet is completely dry to ensure bactericidal effect. 99.9% of bacteria will be completely killed.
  • For carpet cleaning services, this is a thorough step to thoroughly dry the carpet. Ensuring the destruction of all bacteria, making the carpet a truly safe place.
  • When the carpet is dry, spray insecticides and insect repellent.
  • Relocate furniture to its original position.
Step 8 - Blow dry the entire office carpet
Step 8 – Blow dry the entire office carpet

4. Quotation of office carpet cleaning service in HCMC in 2024

? If you are a loyal customer, with large and regular carpet cleaning area:

? The cheapest price of carpet cleaning starting from only: 5,000 đ/m2 ?

? You may be interested in the quick quotation of office carpet cleaning with the following common areas of 50 – 200m2:

  • 900,000 đ applicable for office carpet area < 100m2
  • 1,200,000 đ ► area 100 m2
  • 1,260,000 đ ► area 110 m2
  • 1,320,000 đ ► area 120 m2
  • 1,380,000 đ ► area 130 m2
  • 1,440,000 đ ► area 140 m2
  • 1,500,000 đ ► area 150 m2
  • 1,560,000 đ ► area 160 m2
  • 1,620,000 đ ► area 170 m2
  • 1,680, 000 đ ► area 180 m2
  • 1,740,000 đ ► area 190 m2

? For areas from 200m2 – 700m2, please refer to the following carpet cleaning quotation:

No Area (m2) Đơn giá (VNĐ) Tổng giá (VNĐ)
1 <30 780,000 780,000
2 50 18,000 900,000
3 100 12,000 1,200,000
4 200 9,000 1,800,000
5 300 8,000 2,400,000
6 400 7,500 3,000,000
7 500 7,200 3,600,000
8 600 7,000 4,200,000
9 700 6,900 4,800,000
Table: commercial carpet cleaning price in HCMC, 2024

? Get an Online quote now, 100% Free. ??

Please fill out the information, press the submit button, you will receive an instant Quote of Office Carpet Cleaning.

No Fields Found.

? Please contact TKT Company for advice, quotes absolutely free. ?

We would like to send the official quotation to customers after the actual survey. Actual price is often lower than the quote on the website. Especially for large works and periodic carpet cleaning.

TKT Company professional carpet cleaning service company is looking forward to becoming a close partner of Customers in 2024.

5. Promotions

TKT Company always has promotions to thank customers using carpet cleaning service regularly:

⭐ Discount 5%

First using

⭐⭐ Discount 10%

Second using

⭐⭐⭐ Discount 15%

for Customers for Quarterly Use

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Discount 20%

for Customers with Monthly Use

And many promotions and events are updated monthly at Fanpage, Gmappage and Landingpage of TKT Company. Do not miss here:

6. Video introducing TKT Company office carpet cleaning service

Watch the Carpet Washing Videos at the customer offices to learn more about us.

6.1. ? Video 1: Introduction


6.2. ? Video 2: Commercial carpet cleaning


6.3. ? Video 3: Carpet cleaning new technology


6.4. ? Video 4: Steam carpet cleaning


7. Secrets of carpet cleaning service through frequently asked questions

? We would like to reveal the secrets of carpet cleaning units you may not know. ?

❓ Question 1: Why are there carpet cleaning units that are so cheap?”

? Anwser: Price and quality of products always go hand in hand. The price is very cheap, maybe those units use homemade carpet cleaning chemicals from soap and water. Or work through speakers, not quality. Low carpet washing cost is an important factor to choose from, but keep in mind that Price Is Not All. Certainly you care more about Quality.


Question 2: Is the quality assessment page of carpet cleaning services such as Top10, Toplist, Yellowpage, Reviews … reliable?

? Anwser: Absolutely they put themselves on no basis at all. Those who pay will go up to the value of 1. That’s true. Ask the company, how many carpet cleaning companies have worked for how many companies, how many m2 of carpets cleaned each year, carpet cleaning chemicals, technology, carpet cleaning process … to find out a good unit The best and most suitable for you.

Question 3: Address carpet cleaning HCMC, near you (by you)?

? Anwser: Please trust and give us a chance. TKT Cleaning is the leading carpet cleaning address in HCMC today. Our address at 161 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.


Question 4: How much to wash the carpets?

? Anwser: Washing decorative carpets has many types and many different methods. Usually, there are not many carpets in households and offices. The price of washing decorative tapestries is from VND 500,000 to VND 1,000,000 / plate. If accompanied by other industrial cleaning services such as general cleaning of houses, washing sofas, washing mattresses, the price will be reduced from VND 350,000 to VND 800,000 / plate.

Question 5: Address Binh Thanh carpet cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City best?

? Anwser: Please trust and give us a chance. TKT Company is the best place in Binh Thanh, HCMC for carpet cleaning. Our address at 161 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.


Question 6: What are the best office cleaning methods out there?

? Anwser: Currently to clean office carpets there are many traditional and modern methods. The method of washing scrubbing mats has been used by countries since the 1980s, and continues to be used today. The method of steam carpet cleaning is changing and becoming the trusted method due to its friendly environment, fast drying and especially helping to sterilize and disinfect carpet surfaces. Especially, the situation of Covid19 epidemic (n-cov2009, Sars-cov-2) continues to have complicated developments. That’s why the best way to clean carpets with a steam office is now.

Question 7: What is the difference between TKT Company office carpet washer?

? Anwser: We use the most advanced, modern and high-performance office carpet washing machines in the world today to clean office, family, company carpets … You are completely assured of machinery and equipment. TKT Company carpet cleaning.

Question 8: Is it necessary to vacuum the office carpet daily to protect the carpet despite periodic washing?

? Anwser: How to clean your carpet very well. Vacuum the office carpet as much as possible so dust, contaminants, allergies do not accumulate. This helps protect the health of your office and family. Imagine how the floor will not be cleaned after 1 week? Carpets are 10 times more dangerous. Due to the hollow porous structure, the carpet is very easy to be home to harmful bacteria and viruses. Vacuuming office rugs is very important, if you can not vacuum daily, periodically 3 days / times places that travel a lot, 1 week / time to overall vacuum cleaning.

Question 9: Is TKT Company a professional office carpet cleaning unit?

? Anwser: TKT Company is a leading company specializing in cleaning office carpets in Ho Chi Minh City. We invest heavily in machinery, chemicals and working style of employees to serve customers the best, most professional. We have washed carpets for many foreign offices, embassies, embassies, 5-star hotels, yachts … We are proud of being the Top3 professional office carpet cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City today.

Question 10: TKT Company specializes in providing industrial cleaning services other than carpet cleaning?

? Anwser: TKT Company is a company specializing in providing industrial cleaning services for office buildings including: providing daily, periodic, general cleaning staff, carpet cleaning, sofa washing, curtain washing, glass cleaning , scrub the floor, polish the floor types, floor polishing types.
TKT Commercial carpet cleaning Before - After
Image: TKT Commercial carpet cleaning Before – After


Please share your comments about TKT Company carpet cleaning service so that we can improve your service even better.

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