EDS anti-static Vinyl floor construction team (EDS Vinyl floor) for electronics factories, component manufacturing, laboratories, IT, hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An 2022: Professional, Quality reputation.

1. Compare Anti-static Vinyl flooring construction is different from regular Vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring is increasingly being applied widely thanks to its outstanding characteristics compared to ordinary floors such as natural stone floors, wooden floors… for the reason that natural resources on the earth are increasingly depleted. .

Outstanding features of Vinyl Flooring are non-slip, hygienic, uniformly rich in color, easy to maintain and maintain.

You can meet Vinyl floor construction teams working everywhere such as in factories, children’s play areas, hospitals, schools, commercial areas, laboratories, industrial parks…

đội thi công sàn Vinyl chống tĩnh điện ESD
Hình ảnh: đội thi công sàn Vinyl chống tĩnh điện ESD

However, you may not know how to protect ESD anti-static Vinyl floor construction teams. These are groups of vinyl floor installers that require a higher level of professionalism, meticulousness and understanding of the nature of antistatic vinyl flooring in order to have appropriate behaviors to avoid reducing the antistatic properties of the floor.

Because the entire construction process of anti-static vinyl flooring from floor treatment, anti-static glue, installation of conductive copper wires, installation of anti-static vinyl flooring… reduce the quality and antistatic ability of ESD vinyl flooring

Photo: esd vinyl floor construction worker
Photo: esd vinyl floor construction worker

2. Anti-static vinyl flooring construction process

The TKT anti-static vinyl floor construction team performs the construction according to the following 10-step international standard process.

  • Step 1: Flatten the floor (if necessary)
  • Step 2: Clean the floor
  • Step 3: Go Copper Wire
  • Step 4: Apply anti-static glue
  • Step 5: Put EDS . Anti-Static Vinyl Sheet
  • Step 6: Blow dry the glue
  • Step 7: Cut the plastic Ron line
  • Step 8: Welding Ron Plastic
  • Step 9: Splint the corner, take the stairs
  • Step 10: Isolation, let dry completely, acceptance.

If you want the vinyl floor construction team to do more anti-static vinyl floor protection, we will do it when the ESD vinyl floor construction is really stable after 3-4 days of construction.

Image: Floor treatment before ESD anti-static Vinyl floor construction
Image: Floor treatment before ESD anti-static Vinyl floor construction

3. Why choose the TKT construction team in 2022

TKT Cleaning’s ESD anti-static vinyl floor construction team developed with the goal of completing construction with the highest quality, professionalism, comprehensiveness and cheapest price.

There are many Vinyl floor construction teams, but TKT Cleaning is the best and specialized ESD anti-static vinyl floor construction team.

  • All-in-one construction: providing anti-static vinyl flooring, floor treatment (flattening, grinding, floor treatment if needed), installation, protective gloss. In the market, there are few anti-static vinyl flooring manufacturers that can do the whole thing
  • Provide cheap anti-static vinyl flooring: with the most competitive price because we have more than 10 years of experience in vinyl flooring construction, therefore, we always have the best price of ESD vinyl flooring.
  • Meticulous: the construction is complete, the most important is meticulous in the construction and installation of vinyl flooring. The staff of TKT Cleaning are always meticulous with every detail when handling, construction and installation.
  • Deep understanding of EDS Anti-static Vinyl Flooring: Thanks to our deep knowledge of EDS Vinyl Flooring, we have appropriate behaviors with materials: glue, floor, copper wire, welding wire… so as not to reduce resistance. static electricity of Vinyl ESD floor.
  • The most competitive construction price: We guarantee the best Vinyl EDS floor construction price in the market.
  • Sincere advice and quotation: always work with customers to find the best and most economical solution for the benefit of the customer, not for the immediate profit of the company.
Vinyl ESD floor construction team meticulously cut the plastic Ron road
Image: Vinyl ESD floor construction team meticulously cut the plastic Ron road

With more than 10 years of experience, TKT Cleaning will surely make you satisfied with the quality of construction and price. Please contact us right away.

4. Quotation for construction of anti-static vinyl floor in 2022

4.1. Construction quotes

Depending on the area, construction conditions, level of difficulty of the floor, the EDS vinyl floor construction team will survey and quote the most suitable price according to the requirements of customers.

  • Construction price: For simple projects with an area of 100m2 or more, the reference construction price is from 100,000 VND/m2 (excluding floor treatment, consumables, vinyl flooring…)
  • Package price: Anti-static vinyl flooring has many types that need to be surveyed, consulted and quoted. Package construction price (labor, floor, consumables…) is from 450,000 VND/m2 – 1,000,000 VND/m2 depending on request. Please contact us for a detailed quote.
Photo: Vinyl ESD floor construction team meticulously completed the stairs, corners
Photo: Vinyl ESD floor construction team meticulously completed the stairs, corners

4.2. Promotions

💦 There are many more interesting things about TKT’s floor coating service promotions…👇👇👇

Maybe you don’t know….

Attractive promotions

TKT Company always has promotions to show gratitude to loyal and regular customers.

⭐ 5% discount

Floor area from 500m2 or more

⭐⭐ 10% discount

Floor area from 1,000m2 or more

⭐⭐⭐ 15% discount

Floor area from 2,000m2 or more

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 20% discount

Floor area from 4,000m2 or more

🔔 Apply for 1 customer/1 first time of the contract.

🔔 And many promotions are updated daily at Fanpage, Gmappage of TKT Cleaning. Don’t miss it here:

  1. ❤️ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/congtyvesinhtphcm/
  2. ❤️ Gmappage: https://g.page/congtyvesinhtphcm
  3. ❤️ Landingpage: https://tktg.vn/dich-vu/dich-vu-phu-bong-san-vinyl/

5. Frequently asked questions

5.1. Time to order vinyl flooring?

Q1: How long does it take to order vinyl flooring if it’s not available?

💡 Answer: Time for goods from abroad to Vietnam from 14 – 30 days to import Vinyl flooring, especially ESD Vinyl flooring. Therefore, you need to have a suitable plan. Customers can also order Vinyl floors by themselves and we provide complete construction and installation of ESD Vinyl floors.

5.2. Do you need a deposit to install vinyl flooring?

Q2: How much deposit do I have to deposit to order vinyl flooring if it is not available in stock?

💡 Answer: Customers must pay 80% of Vinyl Flooring Cost. The construction part can be settled after completion and acceptance of the work. However, the part of ordering vinyl flooring always needs to be paid before importing goods, to ensure both parties.

5.3. Supplies and accessories are included in the quote

❓ Question 3: Are materials such as brace, copper wire, ESD anti-static glue included in the construction quote?

💡 Answer: We always quote the cost of vinyl flooring materials, the cost of consumables (threads, copper wire, electrostatic glue…), labor costs, construction management.

5.4. Does the construction price include floor protection?

❓ Question 4: Does the construction price include floor protection?

💡 Answer: Price not included. We always advise customers to spend a little money to cover the vinyl floor to help protect the floor and prolong the life of the floor.

6. Customer ratings

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