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1. Introduce TKT Commercial Cleaning Service

💦 Are you looking for a reputable professional office cleaning service company with a best price?

💦 TKT Company, with experience performing cleaning service for offices:

  • Corporations and companies in Vietnam: Agribank, Techcombank, Mbbank, Sacombank, Masan Group, Construction Corporation, Saigon Port, FPT, Trung Nguyen, Vinhome …
  • Works of foreign companies in Japan (Saporo, Yamaha, Rohto, Nitto Denko …), USA (McDonal, Talisman, Fedex, TNT, Uber, Johnson and Johnson …), Korea (CJ, Lotte …), Taiwan (Packson Flemington …) …

Our customers

TKT Cleaning customer list
Image: TKT Company customer list

💦 TKT Company is looking forward to becoming a partner of your office, company in the field of commercial cleaning services in HCMC 2024.

☎ Please call us for a free consultation and quote.

2. Why choose office cleaning service TKT Company in HCMC 2024?

💦 TKT Company specializes in providing services for offices and companies:

  • General cleaning after construction,
  • General, Event cleaning for important holidays of the company such as opening of a new office; welcome important partners; company birthday; celebrate major holidays; cleaning office to welcome Tet; quarterly general meeting of shareholders and company body …
  • Interior cleaning for offices: carpet cleaning service; laundry chair, sofa, staff chair, director chair; laundry service curtains; stone floor polishing service; floor scrubbing service.
  • Cleaning the outside glass of high-rise buildings and buildings.
  • Provide office cleaning staff daily, or hourly.

💦 Why choose an commercial cleaning service company TKT Company?

  • TKT Company has the capacity to provide a Comprehensive Office Cleaning Service including: Services + Providing Equipment, Chemicals, Cleaning Staff with the highest demands from the customer. With the comprehensive service from TKT, customers save time and costs, not having to work with many different service providers.
  • TKT Company Consulting Sincerely customers to choose the best cleaning service, best suited for your office, company. The benefit of the customer is our benefit.
  • TKT Company provides a Professional, Reputable and Constantly improved service to bring customers more benefits.
  • TKT Mart is an official distributor of leading manufacturers of industrial cleaning machines, industrial cleaning chemicals. With the brands of Italy, USA, UK, Switzerland, Japan, China: Lavor, Mlee, Bissell, KGS, Ecosophy … Therefore, we will provide customers with suitable equipment with best price. Maximum cost reduction for customers using the services of TKT Company.
  • We are proud to be a provider of office cleaning services by the hour in Ho Chi Minh City Flexible and Top Quality.
  • With 10 years of experience in industrial hygiene, serving more than 5,000 customers, we understand what the office, building needs.

3. Quotations for office cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City 2024

💦 Office cleaning provided by TKT Company has many flexible packages depending on the needs of customers. You can do 1-hour office cleaning (total office cleaning) or hire 8h daily cleaning staff, or economical hourly office cleaning solution.

3.1. Total office cleaning quotation

  • Total office cleaning after construction: 15,000 – 20,000 VND/m2
  • Total periodical office cleaning in use: 10,000 – 15,000 VND/m2
  • Cleaning glass on the outside of the office, building: 8,000 – 20,000 VND/m2
  • Cleaning glass inside of the office, building: 6,000 – 10,000 VND/m2
  • Office floor scrub: 3,000 – 17,000 VND/m2
  • Marble floor polishing: 150,000 – 200,000 VND/m2
  • Granite floor polishing: 200,000 – 300,000 VND/m2
  • Polishing Concrete, Terrazzo floors: 60,000 – 120,000 VND/m2
  • Coating vinyl floor: 30,000 – 80,000 VND/m2
  • Griding Concrete, Terrazzo floors: 50,000 – 120,000 VND/m2
  • Office carpet cleaning: 7,000 – 20,000 VND/m2
  • Washing office partitions: 20,000 – 30,000 VND/m2
  • Office chair cleaning: 8,000 – 30,000 VND/piece
  • Sofa cleaning: 300,000 – 600,000 VND/set
  • Washing curtains: 60,000 – 80,000 VND/kg
  • Office disinfection: 8,000 – 20,000 VND/m2
  • Provide office cleaning staff hourly: 37,000 – 71,000 VND/hour
  • Provide office cleaning staff daily, periodically: 7,000,000 – 7,600,000 VND/employee (position)

💦 The following is the most general quotation, your quick reference only takes 30s

💎 Customers can refer to the price of general office cleaning service on any floor area (m2). Please enter the floor area, then press the “CALCULATE” button. 👇👇👇👇

📢📢📢 All quotes on the website are for reference only. Please contact us for a better price. We will meet and discuss to understand the specific needs of our customers, thereby offering the best price.

3.2. Price cleaning cleaning office by the hour in details

💦 In order to bring a really flexible office cleaning cost, suitable for small and medium offices, the cleaning service company in Ho Chi Minh City TKT Company would like to provide an hourly price list of office services as follows. :

💲 The cheapest price of hourly office cleaning starting from 47,000 VND / hour. Popular price, suitable for small and medium offices 3 hours / day; 3 times / week starting from only 80,000 VND / hour 💲

💦 Services provide cleaning staff, office cleaner by the hour to help businesses save 30-80% of the cost compared to self-recruiting and hiring office cleaning staff 8h / day. If you are not in high demand, or want to save money on office cleaning, you can think of TKT Company’s hourly cleaning service.

For other cleaning time levels, please refer to the price list below:

Hourly cleaning service quotation in Ho Chi Minh City 2024
Hourly cleaning service quotation in Ho Chi Minh City 2024

3.3. Daily cleaning fee for office cleaning 8 hours/day (Daily)

💦 For daily office cleaning 8h (also called daily office cleaning) the price list depends on:

  • Daily hygiene items
  • Periodical cleaning items include: carpet cleaning, washing chairs, maintenance, polishing, floor restoration (natural stone Marble, Granite; artificial stones; glass tiles; ceramic tiles; terrazzo tiles; concrete floors ; cement floor; Vinyl floor; wooden floor …), wipe exterior glass, wipe board, disinfect office …
  • Number of employees / offices, buildings
  • Number of working days / month, calendar of public holidays, New Year …
  • Providing garbage bags, hand sanitizer …
  • Other specific requirements.

💲 TKT Company provides the cheapest daily cleaning service starting from VND 7,000,000 / month. 💲

5. Video about cleaning offices of TKT

🎬 Video 1: General introduction about office cleaning

🎬 Video 2: Carpet cleaning office

🎬 Video 3: Disinfection office

🎬 Video 4: General cleaning of the office

🎬 Video 5: High rise office glass cleaning

6. Promotions

💦 There are many attractive things about promotions, knowledge and tips of TKT Company cleaning service … 👇👇👇

We forgot to say you ….

Attractive promotions

TKT Company always has promotions for customers using office cleaning services more offen or/and long term partnership:

⭐ Discount 5%

For First Time Customers

⭐⭐ Discount 10%

For Second Time Customers

⭐⭐⭐ Discount 15%

For Customers Use Quarterly

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Discount 20%

For Customer Use Monthly

🔔 And many promotions and events are updated monthly at Fanpage, Gmappage and Landingpage of TKT Company. Do not miss here:

  1. ❤️ Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/congtyvesinhtphcm/
  2. ❤️ Gmappage: https://g.page/congtyvesinhtphcm
  3. ❤️ Landingpae: https://tktg.vn/en/cleaning-services/

7. Service providing process of TKT Company

In order to provide the best service, TKT Company follows the service process according to the following 5 steps to be able to receive – exchange – sign – provide – best customer care.

commercial cleaning processing contract tkt cleaning
Image: commercial cleaning processing contract TKT Company

Step 1 – Receiving information / request

  • Via phone, email, social networks, face-to-face meeting … customers request services and TKT Company receives requests from customers: work items, cleaning time, cleaning sites. TKT Company can send preliminary quotation (for reference) to Customer within 5 minutes or online immediately.
  • Time: immediately
  • Cost: 100% free

Step 2 – Survey and Quotation

  • TKT Company appointments and conduct surveys at the site. Here we monitor our work requirements with our customers.
  • Time: in the appointment.
  • Cost: 100% free

Step 3 – Sign a contract

  • TKT Company sends final quotation, sample contract and negotiate with customer to sign contract and confirm deployment date.
  • Time: 1 day since the two sides confirm
  • Cost: 100% free

Step 4 – Deploy service

  • TKT Company deploys office cleaning including employees, chemicals, equipment … in the presence of supervision.
  • Time: monitoring according to the works until the acceptance
  • Costs: customers pay the cleaning service fee according to the contract signed in cash, transfer according to the contractual term.

Step 5 – Customer care

  • For 1-time cleaning services for offices and companies: TKT Company continues to take care of customers after the service is completed to ensure timely implementation of arising problems.
  • For services providing office cleaning staff daily, by the hour:
    • Periodic monitoring of customer care by area supervisors
    • General supervision customer care by appointment

We are looking forward to becoming your long-term partner in Ho Chi Minh City 2024

8. Pay online service fee

You can pay for commercial cleaning services Online instead of paying cash by transferring money through our account or using an electronic trading wallet. Electronic invoice will be sent to you when we receive payment.

  • Account name: CT CP TM & DV TKTG
  • Account number: 0071000681875, Vietcombank Ham Nghi, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, HCMC

9. Services that might interest you

💦 TKT Company is a leading company in applying modern techniques to office cleaning. Here are the latest, most advanced TKT Company services that your office may need to use

💦 Please contact TKT Company for details

10. Frequently asked

Question 1: Does TKT Company provide environment-friendly office cleaning solutions?

💡 Answer: TKT Company is a leading company in providing environment-friendly cleaning services such as hot steam, general bio-detergent chemical, Japanese Ecosophy 100% Natural, Safe; Floor cleaning technology, non-chemical floor grinding, disinfecting spray technology, disinfectant prevention Corona with 100% Ion solution safe and environmentally friendly

Question 2: What kind of office and building does TKT Company provide for housekeeping?

💡 Answer: All offices large and small, regardless of the size of less than 10 people, less than 50 people, less than 100, 1000 people … operating, TKT Compan provide flexible and most suitable cleaning solutions

Question 3: If there is a disease such as Corona Virus, we do not use the service, do we have to pay?

💡 Answer: Epidemics such as Corona are undesirable for all parties to occur. Although the cleaning service contract is signed for at least 1 year, TKT Company is always flexible and works with companies and offices to find the best and most suitable solution for Clients. We can share difficulties with customers and do not charge service if they do not use.

Question 4: Can we request TKT Company to wipe, spray, and disinfect periodically for the prevention of Corona virus?

💡 Answer: Depending on the requirements of the Customer, TKT Company will provide solutions to wipe surfaces, air sprays to help clean and disinfect the room preventing Covid’s spread.

Question 5: What types of cleaning does TKT Company provide cleaning services?

💡 Answer: TKT Company provides the most complete and flexible cleaning method for offices in Ho Chi Minh City including: Daily cleaning service, hourly, recurring, intensive cleaning, special handling .. Please contact us if you have any cleaning needs related to office, company.

Question 6: Because our office is very small, how much time can I ask for cleaning by office in Ho Chi Minh City?

💡 Answer: The office cleaning package with the lowest time of the hourly office cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City of TKT Company is 1-2 hours / day, 3-4 sessions / week. This time is very suitable for small offices. The most common hour cleaning time for small offices is 3 hours a day, 3 times a week (2/4/6 or 3/5/7). So do not hesitate to call us for advice on hiring office cleaning with small needs.

Question 7: What is the cheapest price of office cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City of TKT Company for 1 position?

💡 Answer: Depending on the number of cleaning locations for buildings, depending on the job requirements. TKT Company has the cheapest daily office cleaning service in 2024 at VND 7,000,000 / location. There are office buildings with 5-10 staff positions, the price will be cheaper than 3-5 office buildings due to cost savings of management and business. Please contact us so we can investigate, consult and quote the most expensive for your request. Price is always a sensitive factor and is carefully negotiated.

Question 8: TKT Company provides office hygiene in which districts in Ho Chi Minh City?

💡 Answer: TKT Company provides office cleaning staff, equipment, chemicals, cleaning tools for offices in 19 Districts, 5 Districts in Ho Chi Minh City including: District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 6, District 7, District 8, District 9, District 10, District 11, District 12, Binh Tan District, Binh Thanh District, Go Vap District, Phu Nhuan District, Tan Binh District, Tan Phu District, Thu Duc District, District Bình Chánh, Can Gio District, Cu Chi District, Hoc Mon District, Nha Be District

Question 9: Top 10 office cleaning companies in Ho Chi Minh City, TKT Company?

💡 Answer: TKT Company has been developing to become the best office cleaning service company in Ho Chi Minh City. During 10 years of striving and growing, with over 5,000 Customers have served. TKT Company is confident of TOP10 office cleaning companies of Prestige, Professional and Best Price in HCMC.

Question 10: Quotations for cleaning office of TKT Company are of high, medium, low price group

💡 Answer: TKT Company has become a flexible, universal office cleaning company to suit the most customers. We always have a very flexible cleaning price, with average price, but the quality is always good. Every day, we optimize costs and prices to save costs for customers. Constantly improving service quality but still guarantee the best price.

11. Customers evaluate the service quality of TKT Company

Please leave your comments to us so that we can improve our service to serve you better.

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